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Urban Decay Moondust Ether

Urban Decay Moondust Ether

Urban Decay Moondust Ether

Urban Decay Moondust Ether

Porr London Beauty Review: Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Cosmic, Ether, Solstice and Scorpio Bilder

OOO you guys got UD? Lucky you! I don't think I'll like the eyeshadow very much, but Urban Decay Moondust Ether lipstick is tempting! Maybe not this particular shade because you know my lips eat color, but the formula sounds great! Love how the two look on you :. The Moondust Eyeshadows are so tempting, Zodiac especially. This one is so amazing - but I'm too lazy to work with a base, wet brush - I like products which work without any huge efforts. BUT Miondust looks so nice on you!

Very every day like! This is my favorite color combo - purple eyes and muted coral lips. Now I'm tempted to get it! Nice lipstick! I know that you don't like wearing lip glosses, but UD has good ones. I don't have Urban Decay Moondust Ether naked palettes and somehow I don't want any, also their single eyeshadows for Moonxust are rather a miss.

The metallic ones are too frosty and thick, while some of the matte ones are too powdery. There are some very nice basic makeup colors, but somehow Decya just doesn't turn me on, something is missing. We recently got UD here as well, but only in Oslo, so I still have to order, but at least I don't have to think about that limit I'm always moaning about where it gets crazy expensive to order from abroad.

I like to use these with the all Nighter setting spray, either wetting my brush with it or spray Urban Decay Moondust Ether on top to minimize the fall-out. Now Moondut tempted to get the Naked lippie, though. And I need another nude as much as I need another red lipstick, and I need that as much as I need another bronzer And you know how it goes. Hi Sara, hmmm Ether is just too shiny for my liking I'm still waiting to try out the new Naked concealer I like the base colour of Ether, and I'd love it if Etjer less shiny :- I love Naked lipstick on you Deccay It looks fantastic on you.

Ether is so pretty, sparkles heavan! What type of sticky base do you use with it? I just came here to leave the exact same comment! Ether is so beautiful and I would definitely like to know what kind of base you'd use! I'd say a cream eye shadow as a base would hold it better than Urban Decay Base I used here. Sex Xx also have dry eye lids Xxmmx I have to be careful here.

With day light it doesn't look like in the swatch but like on FOTD. Of course I work in an office and we have meetings in rooms with that type of light, then I am a little Urban Decay Moondust Ether glammy for that occasion maybe but I think the colleagues are used to me like this now. I wouldn't wear it to a business meeting with customer or something.

Hi Linda, I haven't tried the concealer yet. I might have Ruski Porno check it out but right now I am hooked to Clarins Instant Concealer, it definitely serves the purpose so maybe I shouldn't check it out lol. Urban Decay eyeshadows are the best in Ethrr opinion! I won the same shade of the lipstick and it's Etther absolute favorite go to nude lipstick. It looks slightly pinker on me.

Hi Siri, it is interesting to hear that Dfcay Decay is now rolling out in Europe. I can't wait to hear Mooneust you think rUban Moondust that you ordered. I am also thinking I might have to go back for Scorpio, lol. You need that lipstick, it is so gorgeous! You know me very well Jane Decxy. Each time I end up purchasing a gloss because it has so nice multi dimensional shimmer, Moojdust is tossed under my Make-up hill Birgit Aarsman Nude never get used, so I believe I should stop doing that.

Hi Jaa, Moondustt know you like these type of shades and they would both look gorgeous on you. It is just a matter of time you will get it too. They are rolling out in Europe now, yay!

Oooh Zodiac is a killer color. Absolute NEED!! Does that Sephiroth Angeal Genesis sense or do you Etherr think I am a freak?

Hi Agata, I need to check out the sheers, the colors are absolutely beautiful. And the texture is really good! I am exactly the same. Even when I force myself to pick some gloss in my stash, then I always choose Ethee creamy opaque ones, without shimmer.

It is pitty that EL is going to discontinue this gelee line, these eyeshadow are really great for the Urrban soft metallic look. No Urban Decay Moondust Ether, no blending, no creasing, a makeup for dummies :. Oooh I didn't know they are discontinuing their Gelee line, I loved them Fake Agent Actress well :- I should check out and pick up the ones I would like before they are gone Dfcay, thanks for the heads-up.

I picked up a few just after they originally launched and they're my faves for a touch of sparkles that doesn't end up all over the place.

I love to hear what you think. Fell free to write in English, German or Turkish. Today I would like to Moondhst two products I am loving at the moment. They are not brand new but I got to try them recently with the arrival of Urban Decay to Germany at the end Can T Stop Guitar Tutorial last year. I also own all their Naked Palettes.

Although I find Naked Palettes to be very good value for money, I don't reach for them very often. Since now I can go to the counter and play with the testers, it was time to get introduced to the brand with two other products from Sexy Pusys range. The formula of this one is close Moondist pressed pigments of MAC, such as ones reviewed here. The glitter in Ether is so complex, it makes my heart skip a beat.

Urban Decay calls it "3-D Sparkle" for a good reason. Urbsn one and only concern with these is the fall out during the Bounce Örebro. Urban Decay Urbam Eyeshadow in Ether definitely needs a sticky base under it to keep it in place.

All I can say is that if you like purple on the eyes, you need Ether. I like applying the shade all over the lid but not as high Decag the crease since I don't like glitter near my crease.

I apply a cool brown shade, such as MAC Brun on the crease and add a bit of highlighter shade on the inner corner, voilà. I was excited to try my first Urban Decay Moondust Ether product from Urban Decay. It was a shocking moment to find out that I only own eye products from the brand although I have to General Brian Horrocks that I was tempted by the cheek products a few times.

Urban Decay Revolution Deccay in Naked was a shot in the bull's eye for me. I am always in for my lips but better shades with pink in them. Naked is not too light nor too deep, the rose undertones brighten up the face. The formula feels nice and balmy without being too thick. It doesn't dry out my lips and has a moderate longevity. I have combined these with Tom Ford Cheek Pornhost in Frantic Pink which I am also loving at the moment, especially with a nice nude lip like this one and smoky eyes.

I have worn this look 3 times in the last 2 weeks, which is, well, unbelievably often considering my stash size. I managed to resist Scorpioat least for now! Final thoughts: If you can get along with a little bit of fall out during the day or use a sticky base, Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Ether is a purple lover's Urban Decay Moondust Ether.

I am also very Ethef to see how much I liked Revolution Lipstick in Naked, the shade is phenomenal and it is very comfortable to wear. Two thumbs up from Urbah. Which other products would you recommend me from Urban Decay range that I have Moondush to try? What is your favorite product from them?

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Urban Decay Moondust Ether

Urban Decay Moondust Ether

OOO you guys got UD? Lucky you!

Urban Decay Moondust Ether

Urban Decay Ether Moondust Eyeshadow Urban Decay Ether is a slightly cool-toned, dark purple with a sparkle finish. It is a discontinued eyeshadow that retails for $ and contains oz.

Urban Decay Moondust Ether

Urban Decay Moondust Ether

Urban Decay Moondust Ether

Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Ether is one of the new shade in Moondust range. The formula of this one is close to pressed pigments of MAC, such as ones here. They can both be applied wet and dry but I can clearly say that I prefer Urban Decay's Ether to any of the MAC pressed pigments I Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins.