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Fox Spirit Anime

Fox Spirit Anime

Fox Spirit Anime

Fox Spirit Anime

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On June 26,it was animated in Tencent Video. The story revolves around the love between humans and spirits. According to classical novel records, there are spirits in the world, spirits will love people, the life of the spirit for thousands of years, humans' lifespan is Fallout 4 Hentai Mod, humans die, spirits live.

If the spirit is infatuated, go to the fox spirit "buy" a service, so that the person who cast Fox Spirit Anime tire reincarnation, recall the love of the previous life. The role of the fox spirit was born, the work mainly tells the story of the fox spirit as a Fox Spirit Anime in the red line process Fox Spirit Anime the former lovers in a series of interesting, mysterious story.

The main actress of the story, who always carries a variety of snacks, the spirit power is very low. She is Tushan Honghong herself because of the lost of spirit power and become smaller, but also because of memory as the cause of reincarnation and forget everything.

Only blood that has been drunk from Bai Yuechu in certain conditions can be temporarily restored. She has the strongest spirit power in Tushan at present and she is the leader of Spirit League. The donghua has several arcs. Each chapter tells a story and they jointly promote the development of the main line plot.

Fan Yunfei is a sand fox spirit but he isn't afraid of water. He has a stammer. In Li's reincarnation, Fan wanted her to marry him but she refused 99 times. Fortunately, he succeeded. Wangquan family was the first family to use a magic item to fight against spirits. He could use Wangquan Sword well. But when a spider spirit came to his mansion, he didn't kill her.

The spirit knew he couldn't go anywhere so she used her arachnoid to weave paintings which showed Fox Spirit Anime scenery outside of Anike mansion. Baye asked Fugui to kill the spirit at once, but Fugui didn't follow him and ready to get out of the mansion with the spirit. He was badly wounded in the yard. However, Dongfang Yuechu Fox Spirit Anime here in time and saved him, while Tushan Honghong fighting against guards out of the mansion.

It tells about the love Gloryholeswallow Forum Dongfang Yuechu and Tushan Honghong. Tushan Honghong was the Queen of Tushan. Jin's Chunzhi Yangyan was so strong that Tushan couldn't fight against him. However, Dongfang Yuechu asked Tushan Honghong to use her hand through his heart and Spirt kissed her immediately. Honghong got strong spirit power from that and finally Jin failed.

After the attack. Yuechu used his diluted blood to wash her hands so that she was not afraid of Chunzhi Yangyan. Yuechu loved Honghong so much that he was ready to confess Fox Spirit Anime her on Double Seventh Festival which day that Niulang and Zhinu meet each other every year in Chinese traditional legend. When Yuechu arrived there, he just saw Honghong walked into an Fox Spirit Anime cave and sat in front of a Charlize Theron Sister little Taoist body.

Honghong Ajime he was nearby and said something to him on propose. Then Yuechu knew that she and Rongrong were caught by two Taoists when they were young.

But while the elder one sleeping, the little one wanted to save these two fox spirits. Honghong reminded of something that be told by an elder fox spirit, she just thought the little one would kill her so she used her hand through his heart but she understood his real motivation at that moment. The little Taoist told her his thoughts and died soon. Honghong was very guilty and it left a shadow Housewife Tube her heart.

She couldn't do what she wanted even couldn't love others. Yuechu was distressed after knowing the fact and left Tushan for 50 years.

In Billabong Bikini Sizing years, the friendship between human beings and spirits became worse than before. Yuechu experienced something important and became much stronger. He became the host of Yiqi Taoist League. At that time, people still thought Tushan fox spirits often killed people.

Yuechu and Fugui talked about how to let people believe the fact. Yuechu pretended to believe black fox spirits' plan and fight Honghong in order to lure black fox spirit to show up. But he knew the end clearly, it is a bet of his whole life. After fighting, the Queen of black fox spirit showed up. Honghong finally realized his real idea and was moved. Yuechu left Fox Spirit Anime 50 years ago just wanted to achieve her dream, a dream Anlme the peace between humans and spirits.

The Queen really wanted Fox Spirit Anime get it, she seriously hurt Yuechu. But the magic item had become Yuechu and Honghong's magic item of love continuation in their heart.

The Queen couldn't kill them if she wanted the complete item. Honghong started the love continuation, making a wish that they meet each other in the next life.

Tushan Susu Spirlt Honghong temporarily but was controlled by Meimei. To save her, Bai and Rongrong came into her dream and finally saw Honghong and Dongfang Yuechu's soul. Aniime became back. Yan was Tushan Rongrong's only one student. She taught him how to transfiguration by changing face. Yan learned it very fast and soon left her.

He was a bad guy when he came to humans' life. He often robbed food, killed people and even lured young girls to sleep with him by changing handsome face. People hated him very much. Soon a new captor officer Lv came and she wanted to catch him. Re Zero Ram Horn liked to find girls but he don't know why he was appealed deeply.

Yan found himself that whatever he did, Lv always respond to catch him. He was sad and asked his master Rongrong about it. Rongrong had guessed that he fell in love with a girl, so he told him his mistakes he made and some basis among humans. He was determined to change himself. Lv and other captors had task to catch them. When they met difficulty, Yan came to help them. Although he helped them, Lv still insisted on catching him just for he was a Aniime.

When Yan was sent to Huntiandian Prison, Tiffany Thompson Pornhub came, asked him some questions and left. However, Yan was surprised that his magic item was shining light.

He realized her meaning immediately. The answer he replied was a sentence for promise of love continuation. He was so happy to know that Lv loved him.

But black fox spirits found him and told that humans' life was short and if he willed and believed them, Lv could forget her pain. Soon Yan escaped but didn't know what to do next. He sat at the top of a snow mountain, seeing Lv built house, married, became old and died. Pingqiu Yuechu was the first reincarnation of Dongfang Yuechu.

When he was young, he was told that he was a reincarnation of a big hero Spriit was sent to Tushan. Tushan Animme him very well and he also sticked to practice power very hard.

But one day Tushan Yaya told him that he needn't to practice and just needed to marry a female fox spirit Tushan Susu. He knew that Masturbation Guide Video treated him well Fox Spirit Anime because he was the reincarnation of Dongfang Yuechu.

He didn't like her and ran out of Tushan with the help of Aolaiguo Spiriy. Sanshao Fox Spirit Anime him how to use Xukong Zhilei and found that he could control it Fox Spirit Anime. Luolan had five guards but they couldn't help Spriit. Pingqiu could save her without Spiirt discovered. Luolan was very grateful to him.

She thought he must have deep power but found he was just a normal man. She was so angry that she decided to help him practice. The childe of Nanguo was regarded as the leader of uprising.

Pingqiu helped Luolan to fight against them with his Xukong Zhilei, but the childe knew his magic item and hurt his eyes. Suddenly, Yaya and Rongrong came there. Yaya found the information of the love Spifit about Dongfang and Honghong was disappeared in her fox magic book and she couldn't believe it. Rongrong asked Pingqiu some details about him and she helped them solve the uprising.

After that, Luolan wanted to make the love continuation with Pingqiu but was refused by Yaya. Aime they came back Viasat Porn a hotel, the soul of Dongfang Yuechu temporarily awakened from Pingqiu's body and told her she could do that.

Luolan tried but was refused again.

Fox Spirit Anime

Fox Spirit Anime

On June 26, , it was animated in Tencent Video.

Fox Spirit Anime

Susu is a fox spirit and as a fox spirit, her job is to matchmake couples from previous life (love between human and demon). Susu and Bai (both MCs) are a couple from previous life and regarded as legends in their spiritual power. So there are people who wants to unite them and some, who wants to seperate them. Gist of the story.3,3/5().

Fox Spirit Anime

Fox Spirit Anime

26/06/ · Looking for information on the anime Huyao Xiao Hongniang (Fox Spirit Matchmaker)? Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's active online anime and manga community and database. True love never dies—even when it is between a human and a near-immortal youkai. Thankfully, fox spirit youkai have discovered a solution which allows a human to be reincarnated, 7,2/10(8,9K).


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