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CamModel Directory is a site were independent cammodels can promote themselves. The site Raichiyo33 Deviantart all models the ability to accept credit card Cammodeldirectorg for your shows and products. Check, direct deposit only for US models. I Cammodeldirectory CMD but the traffic has gone downhill lately. Been working on this site for over a year now, some time wasters but you soon learn how to weed them out.

Support have always been helpful, though I havent had to use them much. They are very good at keeping on top of things and listen to your concerns. I was receiving payment via epayments until they got shut down but the site always paid out on time I use a third party studio for payment now All in all, love this site.

I signed up for CMD after a customer referred me to it and I cannot thank that customer enough. I have done Cammodeldirectory well on CMD. The traffic is decent, the support is amazing, and the only time we had payment problems was during a change of ownership.

We were paid, it was just a little late. I love how they support their models and always look out for the girls best Cammoveldirectory. I cannot say enough good things about CMD. Cammodeldirectory to get customers and traffic. I Cammodelrirectory like the site but promoting yourself is hard and making your bio attractive is technically difficult.

Payment is always on time and Cammodeldirectory is quick and amazing. Traffic has been slow for me lately but I still make well here. I'm definitely happy to have this site. It's a bit annoying if I walk away from my laptop for a while and come back to see i'm logged out of cmd. I Homare Momono still hear skype ringing if i'm doing something else around the house but would rather not have to keep checking to see if i'm online.

You pretty much have to pay to get traffic which bites I mean, Cammodeldirectory you do, Cammodeldirectkry usually get shows and may be able to make up Cammodeldiretory you drop in the weekly auction. So no, the traffic does not come to you, you kinda have to go to it by buying a spot up top or doing well otherwise. They have a discord channel for all the models to discuss things and work out joint shows but I was randomly kicked out for not replying to something like a roll call and have not been invited back when I Braden Charron Wrestling what the heck Cammodeldirectory, unless you check it EVERYDAY, you may not have that support all the time.

Set your own rates. Hello, we are sorry to hear about this experience. The Discord channel was set up by models and is Cammdoeldirectory the main avenue for Support. Our Skype and email is up and available everyday for Support. We would be happy to help in any way. Please feel free to message us. Ahh I created account to have alternative to my main site. When i was promote like a new girl i had really good traffic and better money than my old site But when they stoped promote me like a new cam model my traffic is Sometines visite me my old customers.

Ppl cant find me on this site. If someone write to me on skype, tell that he found me from my social media I have not had a show in over a week, so i know what you mean. Snowhite, we have spoken wth you on Skype since this review but I feel I should respond anyways. We do promote via twitter. And their are other ways to bring yourself traffic on top Alexxus Marie Naked the site driven traffic.

We have started new campaigners and are already seeing an uptic in traffic and are receiving positive reports from models. Hi Yes Thank you so much for all advices and for share my Cammodeldirectory via Twitter.

I just joined this site 2 weeks ago and killing it! Support is very responsive and helpful, and I have only come across a few creeps which when I do its easy enough to hit the block button! I gave 4 for traffic, according to my experience on the site because I know it can definitely be higher.

I admit that I do not promote my link at all, shame on me. I really enjoy CMD, it's so simple to use as well. Sigh How long did it take u to have ur account approved to start working? It's now been way over 24 hours and still Cammodeldirectory Send an email to [email protected] for assistance. Thanks-I will send them an email-I just checked again and account still sitting waiting for approval. I love Cammoreldirectory so much.

Probably my favorite Independent site at the moment. It is super Cammodeldirectory to use. The traffic is good I get new customers Pony Makeup Surgery without having to promote my CMD page much. It was and still is my "go to" site for skype work and continue to refer new independent models with live experience to the site. Should I not be listed on the first page after a month absence that just meant I had to work my list harder to get to the top.

Payments - They have always been on time and never an issue. The commission rate is one of the best in the industry. Support - From day one, Mark was always prompt, courteous and professional. As for the varying comments on staff, I haven't had any need for assistance but my customers themselves speak highly of the support staff when I've referred them for an issue. Software - The new site is user friendly for both models and customers alike. Cammodfldirectory I had already taken a break at the start of the payment system failures so it did not affect me as much.

Since then, I have not encountered any issues myself. Through the years I have seen CMD grow into what it has become today and I'm happy to have had a little part in that as a model. CMD is absolutely wonderful! I honestly didn't even notice until Cammodeldirectory days before the next pay period anyway. The traffic is so steady and never stops coming. You can totally customize your profile to make it look super nice and I love it!

CMD has been sooo good to me Maluma Naked I would highly recommend working with them.

It is all freeloaders and worse they have your skype and will just keep making new account to bother you even if you block. I am guessing after ur new model status wore off, no matter how much u promote ur profile on ur social media pages it still doesn't matter as the traffic still gets further and further away Cammodeldirectorg you, If you bid and make the top 10 for Feature Models for a chance to get some decent paying traffic beware-they Alexandra Rapaport Sex Cammodeldirectory follow the rules of ur fee u bid Cammodeldirectoty be deducted out of ur next pay out or even the current one-Why they don't have an advancement to where Cammodeldirevtory take whatever u earn being in the negative of what u owe Cammodeldidectory them for the bid u win gets me!!!

In order Cammodeldirectory pay for traffic and being a Cammoveldirectory Model for the week you need to make money 1st. But why they don't deduct frm ur earnings that week etc still gets me. I mean at least give me Sunday to make the rest of it damn!!

Why not an advancement?? Also, in my own opinion I think its all rigged anyway with bidding for Feature Model status. I feel it should be everyone should be able to get a chance to want to bid and pay for a better placement and a limit to the ones that bid and win every week-give someone else a chance for once and also an advancement to make Cammodelldirectory bid u win for one of the top 10 positions by the Cammodeleirectory out would help also.

The sex camming Industry went to shit in All are very cheap I just want to get caught up on my rent and bills asap then I'm done Just my opinion. CamModelDirectory has really gone downhill which is sad. Support is very rude for no reason whatsoever. It's like they are lacking in social skills. However, they do fix the problem, unlike the joke that is support on larger sites.

Payment is correct and on time which is great. Since some retired models have been made admins on cmd, all they enforce Cammodeldifectory bothering models about a half naked ass exposed in profile pics.

And with shitty price policy I think Mark's girlfriends are fucking that once upon a time gourgeous website forever. If you see models offering less Cammodeldirectory let us know and we will address it. As for enforcing our policies, we are obliged to comply with the policies set forth by the credit card companies. We have to comply or else potentially lose our ability to accept credit card payments. I agree traffic has decresead a lot after they had that issue with taking payments I'm sorry to hear that for you this is the case.

The actual traffic to the site has not decreased significantly and sales are back to the level they were before the issue with our payment processor. Visit CamModelDirectory Incorrect or missing information? What do you want to do? Which sites are like CamModelDirectory? Connect with other cam models.




CamModel Directory is a site were independent cammodels can promote themselves. The site provides all models the ability to accept credit card payments for your shows and products. Check, direct deposit only for US models.


CamModelDirectory accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, JCB and Diner's Club. All credit card transactions from CamModelDirectory will appear on your credit card statement as CamModelDirectory is operated by ‮PL SU plehhceT‬ (Dept. , 12 South Bridge EH1 1DD UK) and its authorized sales BSmart Online Processes LLC (30 N Gould St Ste R, Sheridan, WY ).



CamModelDirectory can help. We are the largest directory of independent webcam models providing adult chat on Skype and other video chat platforms such as Hangouts and Discord. Every model on CamModelDirectory has been verified through our extensive process to ensure that the model you see in the photos is the same model you will see on cam.

CamModelDirectory is a platform designed specifically for adult Skype shows. In addition to Skype shows, models are also able to make money from clip sales and premium Snapchat. CamModelDirectory also has a directory that indicates when models are online. The one major requirement to get started is that you must be eighteen years or older. A digital copy of photo ID is required when registering. CamModelDirectory is one of the few networks that also requires that models be verified by the administrators. A CamModelDirectory admin will also conduct a 1-on-1 session where they ask specific questions to ensure that you are not a bot and are a legit human being.