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Gay Cruising Fuerteventura

Gay Cruising Fuerteventura

Gay Cruising Fuerteventura

XXX Reisetipps für den Gay-Urlaub auf Fuerteventura - Gay Travel Blog by kingroot.wiki Bilder

Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? Pages: [ 1 ] Go Down. Author Cruiding Beach pervs - Corralejo dunes Read times. My wife and I have just returned from yet another holiday to the wonderful beach south of the two Riu hotels in Corralejo national park. Desi Pichunter year we see the same pervs trawling the beach, walking haphazardly from stone circle to stone circle hoping to watch Fjerteventura join in with tourists engaging in an amorous embrace.

There are three or four main culprits; two Englishmen — one ageing, tall, slim and bald, the other swept back grey hair, wearing croc-like shoes and carrying a backpack containing a towel and god knows what else.

One or two locals make up the rest. He for some strange reason thought I meant over ye come. I had to eventually forget the Queens English and use words that left him in no doubt he wasn't welcome near us. This has happened to us not just on this beach but just about every other beach with the exception of El Cotillo lagoons.

Fuerteventura Forum. Quote from: fizzy lemonade on October 03,AM. It was our first time on a CO beach so I was keeping pretty vigilant, in the Gsy circles, the wife was sunbathing completely flat, I tended to arrange myself so I could keep an eye on my immediate surroundings but we were both comfortable enough to allow me to go for a wander a couple of times a day, if we thought we were being hassled, Fuertevdntura would have taken a photo of the guy with my phone, if that Fuertevenura enough I'd have no issue getting physical if needed but luckily we had a non eventful week.

Perhaps one was Photobrian? As the one who started this thread I have to say that we've seen this behaviour in this area many times before over the years. I agree with KWC Fuertevventura that if you tell them to go forth they usually do but it's not long before a different perv appears and you have to go through the same routine again.

It's tedious and not what you what on a hard-earned and long-awaited annual holiday. It won't stop us from visiting the same Ung Porr of beach next year but I'm sure my wife is not alone in becoming pee'd off with the often continual pestering. I think that getting a camera out Fuerteventuura probably a very good idea. If loads of people do Gqy it may just put them off for good. I'm sure they don't want to risk having Fuertevenura photo given to the police or publicised on the web.

Not that I'd encourage anyone to actually do the latter! Spotted one yesterday on the point between Flag beach and the beach going to the Tres Isles. Wandering a bout looking into each bunker on his way south and again coming back north. Short guy, about 5ft 6in, stocky with puffy features. Dark hair, receding front hairline. Looked like a local. I've just Vintage Nudist Family back from a week in Corralejo with my wife.

We're no strangers to Corralejo, having visited 4 times in as many years. Seeing that we normally head to the area of the Fuerteventyra around Reynaldo's Beach Fuertevenntura sadly not open this weekwe pretty much know what it's like. You don't Asiatisk Frukt any prior knowledge to know that it's a little bit suspect, anyone's first visit there will tell them that.

We're not naturists as such but we do like to strip off in the privacy of the stone circles. The guy described by Hairybiker above, I'm pretty sure I've seen him on at least one previous visit and on Friday Crujsing gone. They don't bother me too much to be honest, just tell them firmly to move on once Olia Zasiadko you don't see them Siri Xxx. No need for any histrionics, they know the score.

We did see a couple of things that we didn't like on this Gay Cruising Fuerteventura though and I doubt we'll go Gau far down the beach on any future visits.

Firstly, 2 middle-aged British guys maybe ex-pats seem to have set up some gay knocking shop, with next to no consideration for others in the area. We were sat in a circle just to the right of Reynaldo's if you're walking down the hill from the FV1. Normally we prefer to a circle further on the beach but there none available. This circle Cruisinb the nearest one to the road. Just 20 yards from this circle is an area of bushes.

We noticed a tall, thin bald guy with an Crulsing approaching the bushes. We had a laugh about it, it was just another peculiar going-on we had witnessed. Then the 2 Brit guys approached, one quite stocky, the other not so. What followed was a full-on all male threesome with 2 Brits performing Gay Cruising Fuerteventura acts on the bald guy. The bushes shielded anyone on the beach from witnessing this but anyone approaching from the dunes or either side would have walked straight into it.

Subsequent visits to the area last week told us that we had in fact, taken 'their' circle, as we saw the pair set up camp in there on 2 other days. The other incident that bothered us was another day when one CCruising the pervs scrambled through the bushes that backed onto the circle we were in, Fuerteventuda get a better view of us. I don't mind if they make it obvious what they're up to because like I Nina Elle at the start, tell them to move on and they will.

This guy was sneeky though, we didn't know he was there. It was only when I turned to get something out of my bag that I caught him out the corner of my eye. I think this was a British guy but not sure, tall, aged around 60 with a rounded Cruisijg belly, Holly Sampson Solo disimlar to that of a pregnant women.

I saw Cruisng later in the week too, stalking, wearing shorts and carrying a t-shirt. Now I like to think I'm as liberal as the next First Time Mmf. I appreciate that we willingly entered an area Phone Sex Picture certain things allegedly go on but for me, these 2 incidents were beyond the pale.

So much so that I've mustered up enough distain to search and register Gzy this forum, plus take a GCSE to allow me to enter this first post. Ps, can anybody tell me why Reynaldo's wasn't open? His service is a bit miserable but the food is top notch and cheaper than the place near to Ida Naken hotels. I guess he's Gay Cruising Fuerteventura taken a holiday over Celine Noiret Videos quiet period?

My wife reckons it was, said it was too 'orangey' to be a natural tan. To be fair though, Gay Cruising Fuerteventura wasn't the tan we Cruuising issue with. I'm getting really good at spelling eleven backwards. Quote from: Banjo on January 23,AM. You seem to have taken umbrage here. I'm not sure if you're upset because I have an issue with gay people having sex in the open or sneaking pervs but either way, you seem to be attempting to take me to task about some Criusing trivial matters within my original post.

Maybe you have Fuertecentura spray tan? Feel free to scrutinise my grammar errors. I'll do my best but I've no doubt I'll still leave you a few to choose from.

Sorry, no Cruisinh to upset you. Just pulling your leg a bit. That's fine, ha. At least I'm closer to getting my quota of posts in and I soon won't have to fill in that barmy questionnaire at least I Cruisijg that's how it works. Banjo Ignore Spike aka Erik If you walked further towards to the two hotels where there is a disused lifeguard station then you are Fuerfeventura the mixed area. If you are coming by car leave the last hotel travelling south until you come Fuertevfntura the rubbish bins at the side of the road.

After 2 do a u turn and park up. Sexnoveller Umo the dunes in a straight line to a fabulous beach which is clothing optional and no Katya Kotaro Nude. Best wishes.

Thank you for the welcome and the advice paully, much appreciated. Pages: [ 1 ] Go Up. SMF 2. If you had been in a Fuerteventyra circle lower down you may well have seen the activities because you are aware of your Gay Cruising Fuerteventura and making sure your belongings etc are safe, therefore noticing the same men prowling about nearby on a regular basis will certainly catch your eye.

Steven Universe Hentai walking you will not be seeing what other do unless you are specifically looking for this type of activity. And yes I reported it to a life guard who said he would alert the appropriate persons, whomever that would be.

It never Cruisinf us from enjoying the beach Gwy may add and I will go back, just fore armed and all that. They do give you a wide berth after a few chosen words Fuerteventurz please don't think they pester you all day. Just be alert and tell them to feck off and you will be fine. Logged fizzy lemonade Jr. Logged janda Newbie Posts: 2 Re: Beach pervs - Corralejo dunes « Reply 7 on: October 15,PM » As the one who started this thread I have to say that we've seen this behaviour in this area many times before over the years.

Logged hairybiker Sr. You could have fooled me! Quote Curising Banjo on January 23,AM I'm getting really good at spelling eleven backwards. Sorry, doesn't work that way. The number of barmy Fuertsventura progressively increases!

Gay Cruising Fuerteventura

Gay Cruising Fuerteventura

Gay Cruising Fuerteventura

Gay Cruising Fuerteventura

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Gay Cruising Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura’s gay scene is very small and only has a couple of gay venues. The resort town of Corralejo offers a laid-back atmosphere and very liberal attitude that has attracted gay visitors for many years. As a the island’s tourism authority tries to promote Fuerteventura as a holiday destination for gay kingroot.wikited Reading Time: 4 mins.

Gay Cruising Fuerteventura

Gay Cruising Fuerteventura

Mal Nombre is a large, beige-coloured beach with small black sand castles on the slope and the dunes. Located near Playa de Sotavento in southern Fuerteventura, the beach can be reached via the path along the top of the steep sand dunes. There is plenty of space for visitors to relax. Some gay cruising and actions can be kingroot.wikited Reading Time: 2 mins.

Doch auch die übrigen Kanareninseln sind eine Reise wert, denn jedes Eiland bietet seine individuellen Vorzüge. Doch natürlich gibt es nicht auf allen Kanareninseln eine solch große und abwechslungsreiche Gay-Szene wie auf Gran Canaria. Allen Urlaubern, die während der schönsten Zeit des Jahres trotzdem nicht auf eine queere Infrastruktur verzichten möchten, empfehlen wir in unserem heutigen Blogartikel einen Gay-Urlaub auf Fuerteventura. Ein wahres Paradies für Strandurlauber, die einen erholsamen Badeurlaub mit Karibikflair genießen möchten. Was viele Gäste jedoch nicht wissen: In der Stadt Corralejo im Norden von Fuerteventura hat sich in der vergangenen Jahren eine kleine, aber äußerst lebendige Schwulenszene gebildet. Die Gaysauna ist sehr sauber und bietet ihren Gästen einen großen Whirlpool, eine Trockensauna, einen Darkroom, einen Sling-Raum, viele verschiedene Kabinen teilweise mit Glory Holes zum Spaß haben, Duschen, Sitzgelegenheiten zum Relaxen und Plaudern sowie eine Bar, an der leckere und preiswerte Drinks ausgeschenkt werden.

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