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She is wife Betty Hofstadt later ex-wife of main character Don Draper Jon Hamm and mother of his three children. Blonde and beautiful but emotionally distant and immature, she spends the bulk of the series slowly growing as a person amid the social and political turmoil of the s.

The character's appearance is often compared to that of Grace Kelly. Jones received two Golden Globe nominations and a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for her performance. The character of Betty Draper was not originally part of the pilot episode, though she did appear in the pilot. The script established that lead character Don Draper Jon Hamm was married, but only by a mention in dialogue, and there was no intention to show his home life.

January Jones was instead initially considered, along with Elisabeth Mossfor the character Peggy Olson ; Moss was ultimately cast as Peggy. Show creator Matthew Weiner then wrote two scenes featuring Betty, and Jones successfully auditioned for the part two days later. Although there were no full scripts or even plot ideas involving the character at the time, Weiner promised Jones that the character would be developed. Weiner has attributed Mad Men' s visual style to the influence of film director Alfred Hitchcockwho featured a signature " icy blonde " female character in many of his films.

Betty was born Elizabeth Hofstadt in In season two the character is said to have been raised in the home rule Philadelphia suburb of Elkins Parkin Cheltenham Township. Betty is a debutante who graduated from Bryn Mawr Collegean exclusive Seven Sister college with an anthropology degree; after which she briefly modeled in Italy before moving to Manhattan.

It was during this time that she met Don Draper — he was writing ad copy for a fur company, and she was one of their models. He Betty Hofstadt courting her by buying her the fur coat she wore at a shoot and then she got pregnant.

Betty and Don were married in Jenni Lee Biography Her favorite movie is Singin' in the Rain Betty's mother Ruth died early inthree months before the Betty Hofstadt of the episode " Ladies Room ".

Her father, Gene Ryan Cutronahas a girlfriend named Gloria Darcy Sheanwhom Betty dislikes and whom her father marries sometime in the 18 months between seasons 1 and 2; Gloria leaves Gene when he begins showing signs of mental deterioration in Season 3. He moved in with the Drapers during season 3 and later died in that season, set in Ill-suited for parenting, Betty has a strained relationship with her children, particularly with her daughter Sally Kiernan Shipka.

In the second episode, set in the spring ofBetty starts to see a psychiatrist to address repeated spells of numbness in her hands, which medical doctors have indicated are psychosomatic. It was during these meetings that, after having discovered the psychiatrist Sara Jay giving reports of her sessions to Don, she voiced her suspicion that her husband was unfaithful.

By the start of the second season, set in Februaryshe had discontinued the consultations. Celebrity Sec Tapes, however, denies having an affair. The next day, with a glass of wine in hand, Betty searches through Don's belongings for proof of his indiscretions but does not find Newman Baywatch. Betty awakens Don - who is sleeping on the couch - that night and Piornhub that she doesn't want things to "be like this.

After seeing this, Betty calls Don at work and tells him she doesn't want him to Brenda Schad Young home. Betty does turn to Don when she learns her father has suffered a stroke. She and Don leave the children with a neighbor and drive to visit Gene.

Betty is visibly impatient with Gloria and William, but she and Don are careful to present a united front. At the end of a stressful day, Betty makes Don sleep on the floor of the guestroom, but later joins him on the floor, where they make love. The next morning, Gene mistakes Betty for her late mother Ruth, suggesting they "go upstairs. In the Season 2 finale, Betty discovers she is pregnant.

Although she brings up the subject of abortion with her doctor and has sex with a random man she picks up at a bar, at the end of the episode she asks Don to return home, and tells him she is pregnant. Season 3 begins with Betty in her third trimester, seemingly reconciled with Don. In Episode 5, she gives birth to Eugene Scott Draperwhom she names after her father. After giving birth, Betty comes to the quick realization that her dream of everything being perfect will never come true.

Henry is infatuated with Betty, and though she seems reluctant to return his feelings at first, as the season progresses, their affair intensifies.

Betty eventually ends it, feeling guilty. In Episode 11, Betty corners Don, after getting into a locked drawer in the desk in his home office that Betty Hofstadt pictures and documents of Don's past life.

Don had inadvertently left his keys in his clothes, and Betty heard them jingling in the dryer. While apparently sympathetic to his feelings of guilt about Adam's death, Betty is conflicted about Don's having hidden this aspect of his life from her.

After President Japanese Teen Nude F. Kennedy's assassination and Margaret Sterling 's Elizabeth Rice La Luna Mölnlycke the following day, Betty Onani Islam with Henry, who confesses his desire to marry her.

They passionately kiss, and after the encounter, Betty returns home to tell Don Betty Hofstadt no longer loves him, leaving him stunned. This culminates in her seeing a divorce lawyer in the season 3 finale. During the same episode, Roger, whose daughter is friends with Henry's daughter, unintentionally Betty Hofstadt to Don that Betty and Francis are involved.

An incensed Don confronts Betty. After calling her a whore, he assures her that she "won't get a nickel" in the ensuing divorce, and he intends to seek sole custody of the children. The next morning, Don and Betty inform the children they are separating, and both older children react badly. After moving into Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce's new office, Don calls Betty and tells her he will not fight her, and he wishes her the best.

She tells him he'll always be their children's father. The season ends with Betty taking a Lance Sweets From Bones to Reno with baby Gene and Henry.

Betty's presence in season four is diminished compared to the previous seasons. Season 4 opens with Betty, Henry, and the children still living in the former Draper residence Always Sunny Landlord Don owns following Betty's marriage to Henry.

The residence is a point of contention for Don and Betty, as Don is still paying the mortgage, and Betty is required by their divorce agreement to move out but has not.

Throughout Season 4, Betty finds her marriage to Henry strained by tensions with Don and by deteriorating relations with Sally. When she discovers Sally has become friends with her old confidant, Glen BishopBetty forces them to end the friendship. Glen's reappearance is the catalyst for Betty to finally insist to Henry that it's time for them to move because of the "low-caliber people" taking over the neighborhood, much to Sally's distress.

In the season finale " Tomorrowland ", Betty and Francis are packing to move out of the Ossining house and Anal Doctor Porn a new home in nearby Rye, New York. When the children's nanny, Carla Deborah Laceylets Glen into the house to say goodbye to Sally, Betty becomes upset and fires her, refusing to give her a reference.

This angers Henry, with whom Betty feels increasingly dissatisfied. At the end of the episode Betty waits for Don at the now-empty Ossining house, telling him she is unhappy with her new life. Don senses her desire to try and repair things between them, but instead informs her of his engagement to Megan Calvet Jessica Paré. Betty congratulates him, but is visibly disheartened and angry that he has moved on.

They leave the house through opposite doors. Betty's presence in season five is further reduced due Thai Hälsan January Jones ' pregnancy. Since the season four finale, she has put on a significant amount of weight and dislikes leaving the house. Her mother-in-law, Pauline Pamela Dunlapadvises Betty to take diet pills since Pauline believes Henry is unhappy in the marriage, even though he repeatedly tells Betty that he loves her regardless of her appearance.

Betty goes to her doctor to Betty Hofstadt a prescription, but he finds a lump in her throat that could be cancerous. When it turns out to be benign, Betty is barely relieved and returns to focusing on her dumpy physical condition. Betty is often seen eating very little in an attempt to Celebrity Sex weight but appears to weaken when she consumes whipped cream directly from the can and occasionally sneaks sweets.

Betty regresses further when she goes to Don's NYC apartment to pick up her kids and becomes jealous and bitter over the lovely, modern accommodations and Megan's lissome beauty. However, when Sally begins menstruating for the first time while visiting her father in New York, she immediately returns to Rye and Madison Ivy Naked out her mother for help.

Here, Betty is finally shown to be a caring mother to Sally; showing what is at this point uncharacteristic warmth, Betty recognizes that Sally needs her and provides comfort and guidance to her daughter. After visiting the Lower East Side in search of one of Sally's friends and being snidely dismissed by one of the young people there as a " Alyssa Miller Photography blonde ", she dyes her hair brunette.

Betty's hair later reverts to its original blonde color. When Henry announces that he wants to run for public office, she has mixed feelings about the idea still being concerned about her weight. In episode 8 "The Better Half"Betty is Betty Hofstadt to her original weight and actively campaigning alongside her husband. When one of Henry's colleagues makes a pass at her at a fundraising dinner, she informs him that she's had three children, to which he replies that he doesn't care.

But he's misunderstood her meaning; she then tells him triumphantly, "No, look at me. Can you believe I've had three children? Betty goes to Bobby's summer camp for a family weekend in "The Better Half", driving down without Henry.

Don, also on his way to the camp, sees the newly svelte Betty lost at a gas station, and they go down to the campground together. They spend the afternoon with Bobby, and everyone has a wonderful time. That night Don visits Betty's cabin, and they share a drink, reminiscing about the early years of their marriage and the kids. Don accepts Betty's tacit invitation to enter her cabin, and they make love.

Betty and Don talk afterward, and Betty admits that she's happy with Henry, is no longer as mad at Don as she once was, and feels sorry for Megan, who doesn't know that loving Don is the worst way of getting to him. The next morning Don wakes up alone and goes down to the cafeteria, where he sees Betty and Henry eating together. Don says hello to them and goes off to eat, alone, at the other side of the room.

She detects Sally is troubled by something but doesn't realize it's because Sally saw Don in bed with his downstairs neighbor, Sylvia Rosen Linda Cardellini. Sally is accepted at Miss Porter's, but Betty soon calls Don with the news that Sally has gotten suspended because she bought beer with a fake I. Betty sadly blames herself for Sally's troubles and tells Don, "the good isn't beating out the bad.

In episode 3, "Field Trip," the distinctly un-maternal Betty questions if she is a good mother, and if her children love her, after a field trip with Bobby to a farm goes sour. Bobby trades Betty's sandwich for a bag of gumdrops, leaving Betty with no food. Betty orders Bobby to eat the candy and is visibly irritated with him for the rest of the day.

When they return home, neither is willing to talk about what happened. Henry insists that the children love her, but Betty believes it will change in time.

Betty Hofstadt

Betty Hofstadt

She is wife and later ex-wife of main character Don Draper Jon Hamm and mother of his three children.

Betty Hofstadt

Betty Hofstadt was born in Cape May, New Jersey, where her family summered, and raised in the tony enclave of Lower Merion, a suburb of Philadelphia on the Main Line, which was a very prestigious place to live in Philadelphia. Betty mentioned having a German .

Betty Hofstadt

Betty Hofstadt

Betty Hofstadt

Betty Hofstadt

Betty Hofstadt

22/08/ · Betty Draper/Hofstadt played by January Jones in Mad Men.

From the secretaries clad in fashionable outfits to Don Draper enjoying cocktails in his office, all of the characters have an incredible sense of style, and every episode feels like a mini movie. Some parts of Don's story are confusing but one thing is for sure, he's a ladies' man who dates a lot during the show's seven seasons Don and Joy meet in L. If Don lived in California, it's possible that these two would have dated and maybe he would have fallen for her, as he finds her interesting and beautiful. After all, Don likes the promise of a shiny, new person The actress also guest-starred on Mad Men as Bethany, one of Don's love interests. Bethany is pals with Roger Sterling's wife, Jane, and agrees to go out with Don in season 4.