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Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović pronounced [ɡrǎbar kitǎːroʋitɕ] listen ; born 29 April is a Croatian politician and diplomat who served as President of Croatia from to She was the first woman to be elected to the office since the first multi-party elections in and independence from Yugoslavia in At 46 years of age, she also became the youngest person to assume the presidency.

Before her election as President of Croatia, Grabar-Kitarović held a number of governmental and diplomatic posts. She was minister of European Affairs from tothe first female minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration from toCroatian ambassador to the United States from to and assistant secretary general for public diplomacy at NATO under Secretaries General Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Jens Stoltenberg from to She is a recipient of the Fulbright Lifetime Achievement Award and a number of national and international awards, decorations, honorary doctorates and honorary citizenships.

In she was elected Croatia's representative in the International Olympic Committee. Upon her return to Yugoslaviashe enrolled at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagrebgraduating in with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Spanish languages and literature. InGrabar-Kitarović became an advisor to the international cooperation department of the Ministry of Science and Technology. After taking office he immediately started to remove politically appointed staff that was appointed by the Croatian Democratic Union HDZ to high-ranking diplomatic positions.

Grabar-Kitarović Kolinda I Jakov ordered to return to Croatia from Canada within next six weeks, which she at first refused to do because she was pregnant and had already made plans to give birth in Canada, however, she eventually decided to return after being strongly pressured by the ministry to do so. During her stay in the hospital, she applied for Fulbright scholarship for studying international relations and security policy.

After graduating, she returned to Croatia and continued to live in Rijeka. After the separate ministries of Foreign Affairs and European Integration were merged in Grabar-Kitarović was nominated to become minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration. She was confirmed by the Parliament Kolinda I Jakov sworn in on 17 February Following the HDZ 's victory in the parliamentary election and the subsequent formation of the Second Sanader Cabinetshe was reappointed as foreign minister, but was suddenly removed from the position on 12 January The exact reason for her removal is not known.

Gordan Jandroković succeeded her. She served as ambassador until 4 July On May 6,Croatian Embassy held a reception to celebrate women diplomats Croatian Embassy, which was attended by ambassadors to the U. The event was opened by Grabar-Kitarović by discussing the importance of taking small steps when it comes to mentoring. In Croatian Embassy in Washington, DC discovered that Grabar-Kitarović's husband, Jakov, has continually been filmed while using an official embassy car.

Her task was to take care of the "communication strategy" and to "bring NATO closer to the common people".

Croatian daily newspaper Jutarnji List published an article in September stating that Grabar-Kitarović was being considered as a possible candidate for the —15 Croatian presidential election by the Croatian Democratic Union HDZ.

Grabar-Kitarović contested the presidential election held in December and January as the only female candidate out of four in totalfinishing as the runner-up in the first round and thereafter proceeding to narrowly defeat incumbent President Ivo Josipović in the second round. In the second round, Grabar-Kitarović defeated Josipović by a margin of 1. The run-off took place on 11 Januarywith Grabar-Kitarović winning Upon election, Grabar-Kitarović became the first woman in Europe to defeat an incumbent president running for Kolinda I Jakov, as well as the second woman in the world to do so, after Violetta Chamorro of Nicaragua in Less than nine months into Grabar-Kitarović's term the European migrant crisis began to escalate with large numbers of migrants entering Greece and Macedonia and crossing from Serbia into Hungarywith the latter beginning the construction of a fence on its southern border as a result.

With the parliament expected to dissolve by 25 September, [52] Grabar-Kitarović called parliamentary elections for 8 November Grabar-Kitarović had previously announced on 22 Decemberif there were no agreement on a possible Prime Minister-designate in the next 24 hours, she would call for an early election and name a non-partisan transitional government which would have reportedly been headed by Damir Vanđelićthereby putting intense pressure on the political parties involved in the negotiations regarding the formation of the new government, to find a Kolinda I Jakov.

She immediately rejected petition calling it "frivolous, unacceptable and provocative". Following a backlash from historians that the salute was not historical, Grabar-Kitarović admitted that she was wrong in that part of the statement.

The Initiative was officially formed in and held its first summit in DubrovnikCroatiaon 25—26 August Adding that the " Ustaše regime was criminal regime", that "anti-fascism is in the foundation of the Croatian Constitution " and that the "modern Croatian state has grown on the foundations of Ekimmara Gwent Croatian War of Independence.

Rouhani called on Croatia to be the gateway to Iran's ties with Europe. In OctoberGrabar-Kitarović made an official visit to BakuAzerbaijan where she expressed her support for the territorial integrity Fkk Daughter Azerbaijan in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict Shimakaze Kancolle, stating that the solution to this conflict "must be peaceful and political".

Grabar-Kitarović expressed her condolences to Slobodan Praljak 's family after he committed suicide in The Hague where he was facing trial, calling him "a man who preferred to give his life, rather than to live, having been convicted of crimes he firmly believed he had not committed", [63] adding that "his act struck deeply at the heart of the Croatian people and left the International Criminal Kolinda I Jakov for the Former Yugoslavia with the weight of eternal doubt about the accomplishment of its tasks".

In a speech held at the ceremony at which Grabar-Kitarović was named honorary citizen of Buenos Aires in March[65] she stated that "after World War II, many Croats found a space of freedom in Argentina where they could testify to their patriotism and express their justified demands for the freedom of the Croatian people and homeland.

During the FIFA World Cupheld in Russia, Grabar-Kitarović attended the quarter-final and final matches, wearing the colors of the national flag in support of the national teamwhich ultimately ended up as tournament runners-up. She condemned all totalitarian regimes, including nazism, fascism, and communism. Grabar-Kitarović was awarded Fulbright Association 's Lifetime Achievement Award for her "remarkable, contributions as a leader, diplomat, and public servant".

In Augustduring the Victory Day celebrations in KninGrabar-Kitarović informally hinted that she would be seeking reelection to a second and final 5-year term as President in the Swedish Amateur Sex election[73] and formally confirmed this several days later in an interview for the right-wing publication Hrvatski tjednik Croatian Weekly.

Zoran Milanović won a plurality of Grabar-Kitarović only managed to defeat Škoro by a margin of only 2. A run-off election took place between Milanović and Grabar-Kitarović on 5 January If Grabar-Kitarović was to be reelected, her victory would have marked the second instance in a presidential election where the result of the first round was overturned in the run-off, with the first instance of this occurring having been in the —15 electionin which Grabar-Kitarović won her first term.

She would also have become the first, and to date only, Croatian president to have never finished first in the first round of a presidential election. She was eventually defeated in her bid for reelection by Kolinda I Jakov who won She is thus the second consecutive President of Croatia to not win a second term, after Ivo Josipović.

Grabar-Kitarović left the presidency on 18 Februarywhen she handed over the office to Milanović, who thus became the 5th President of Croatia since independence. Grabar-Kitarović declared herself a "modern conservative" during the —15 presidential election. On the issue of same-sex marriageGrabar-Kitarović expressed her support for the Life Partnership Actwhich enabled same-sex couples to enjoy rights equal to heterosexual married couples except in adoption, as good compromise.

Grabar-Kitarović considers that the prohibition of abortion would not solve anything, and stresses that attention should be paid to education in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Grabar-Kitarović criticized the hard process of adoption and stated that "the whole system has to be reformed so that through education and social measures it enables every woman to give birth to a child, and that mother and the child can eventually be taken care of in an appropriate manner.

Grabar-Kitarović has spoken in support of green initiatives along with the dangers of climate change for the environment and global security. In she was elected in International Olympic Committee as 5th representative of Croatia in this body and first female in this position. Grabar-Kitarović has been married to Jakov Kitarović since and they have two children: Katarina born on 23 Aprila figure skater and Croatia's national junior champion; and Luka born c.

Grabar-Kitarović is a practising Roman Catholic. In an interview for Narodni radioGrabar-Kitarović stated that her favorite singer was Croatian nationalist singer Marko Perković. On 30 DecemberGrabar-Kitarović made a cameo appearance in the Croatian telenovela Dar marplaying herself. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fourth President of Croatia. This article may contain an excessive amount of intricate detail that may interest only a particular audience.

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Kolinda I Jakov

Kolinda I Jakov

Kolinda I Jakov

Kolinda I Jakov

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović pronounced [ɡrǎbar kitǎːroʋitɕ] listen ; born 29 April is a Croatian politician and diplomat who served as President of Croatia from to She was the first woman to be elected to the office since the first multi-party elections in and independence from Yugoslavia in

Kolinda I Jakov

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Kolinda I Jakov

Kolinda I Jakov

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