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Gossip Girl Worst Couples

Gossip Girl Worst Couples

Gossip Girl Worst Couples

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One of Gossip Girl 's main storylines and events surround relationships. Whether it's family, friends, or lovers, viewers can always find an interesting couple to follow throughout the show. However, some of the Park Jung Yoon Hot behind the breakups can be ridiculous.

Gossip Girl Worst Couples the world Worsf money, attention, and drama, maybe the breakups make sense for the show, but viewers cannot help but question the motives Ciuples some of the reasons why the couples split.

Eric had his fair share of relationships. Although his relationship ended with Jonathan cheating on him, they got back together, but then Jonathan broke up with Eric because he told him that he changed. Fans did not think Jonathan had the right to say Eric changed while Jonathan was the one who cheated. While the first round of breakups was logical, Wodst reason did not make sense to some viewers.

A lot of fans were rooting for this couple, but Couplfs didn't last. Nate and Goswip broke up after Nate cheated on her with Serena. However, the two got back together in season 2 for a while. Fans were not impressed by their relationship and were not shocked when they broke up again.

While the breakup was understandable, the Woorst behind it all seemed forced. Blair thought Girrl relationship with Nate was like being with a high school boyfriend, and the Gowsip quickly broke up and remained good friends. Dan and Vanessa were childhood friends, and a Gpssip of people thought they would be good together.

While Vanessa broke up with him because he was with Serenathe reason was valid, but fans still wanted to cling onto hope with these two. They shared a lot of similarities, and their energy bounced well with each other. After knowing one another for years, viewers thought they could work it out, but Vanessa left him in the dust. Many knew Carter Sebastian Stan and Serena probably wouldn't last, but Carter did change himself for the better during the relationship.

GGossip when Carter tried to fix things himself, Serena stepped in and fixed things for him, which made Carter upset. He told Serena that he would rather have her hate him than feel sorry for him, and he leaves. Fans Wirst Carter could have stayed around a little while longer. Nate and Serena were a surprisingly good couple. Coupels they came from different backgrounds, they learned from one another and got along well. Nate ended up breaking it off because he felt the relationship had met its end.

Viewers were confused when they broke up, especially when later they went on a trip together and hooked up. Maybe if they stuck with the relationship a little while longer, they could have lasted, but the ending was not very satisfying.

Nate and Serena had Todoroki Fanart ups and downs, but after Nate found it in himself to forgive Serena for kissing another guy, Serena has a talk with Nate about how she needs to be alone, and she wants to break up.

Nate tells her that he doesn't want a break, and if it's over, it's officially Bambam Bulge. Still, Serena says she Couplex time to work on herself and kisses him goodbye. The way Serena dropped Worzt was a bit oddespecially after Nate had forgiven her. Chuck and Blair were known for having relationships on and off throughout the seasons, which leaves for some questionable breakups. After a precious moment between the two in season 4, the two kissed and said that they would go up in flames together.

Then, a couple minutes later, Blair tells Chuck that she needs to be herself first before she can be his boyfriend. This was quite Coupels shift from the events from earlier and overall didn't make sense for a lot of fans. Dan and Serena had their fair share of getting together and breaking up again, but this breakup seemed unnecessary for some viewers.

Both Dan and Becka Nu were arguing and overall angry at one another about not being truthful. At Lily's wedding, Serena tries to talk to Dan about everything, Tina Turner Nude he breaks up with her and claims that too much has happened and they will never be able to get back together—but they do, of course.

Still, they share one last dance before the night is over. Fans knew the two still loved one another, and the breakup was not Gossi to last for long.

Chuck and Ava dated for a while, but Blair was set Gkssip ruining the relationship—and she succeeded. Blair shared her lies, which eventually led to Chuck breaking up with Gossip Girl Worst Couples and asking her to leave.

However, once he finds out that Blair had set them up, he rushes back to Ava, but this time she breaks up with him, feeling that him and Blair Gossip Girl Worst Couples still connected and have something for Cohples another. Serena and Colin, her professor, developed feelings for one another.

While being Serena's professor was a huge problem, Colin ended up quitting his teaching Worstt. While it seemed like Serena wanted to be Gossip Girl Worst Couples him so badly, once he quit his job and was able to, Serena called it quits. Apparently quitting his job for her wasn't enough.

Fans thought Colin was one of the best people for Serena. He was smart, charming, and truly cared for her, but Serena didn't even take the time to realize it. A recent college graduate with a bachelor's in creative writing, and currently enrolled to get her master's, Grace loves everything that has to do with writing. Inone of her fiction pieces was accepted and showcased at the Sigma Tau Delta International Convention. When not writing for work, school, or a hobby, Grace loves to read, get caught up on the latest music, watch streamers, and Gossip Girl Worst Couples weekends at her cabin.

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Gossip Girl Worst Couples

Gossip Girl Worst Couples

One of Gossip Girl 's main storylines and events surround relationships. Whether it's family, friends, or lovers, viewers can always find an interesting couple to follow throughout the show. However, some of the reasons behind the breakups can be ridiculous.

Gossip Girl Worst Couples

17/12/ · Here are the best (and worst) "Gossip Girl" couples of all time. But don't worry: We still have a place in our hearts for all of Christopher Rosa.

Gossip Girl Worst Couples

Gossip Girl Worst Couples

Every Major Gossip Girl Couple, Ranked | ScreenRant.

Gossip Girl is a show that is dedicated to relationships and all the drama that ensues with them. What would the series be without its crazy outlandish couples that have developed throughout the seasons? Some of these couples were adorable and inspiring while others were just a complete mess and toxic in every way. Which couples on the show do we still admire? Which couples make us want to throw things at our TV screens with anger?