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Fall Camo Mw2

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Please help support the site by donating at the link below. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? News: Please help support the site by donating at the link below. Pages: [ 1 ] Go Down. Hey everyone. I just wanted to share my new controller with you. It was actually built by Minister Morbid of morbidstix.

To start we have a two zone color scheme My design. The camo that Morbid had on hand was not the right color, so he used an orange basecoat to change the palette and hand painted in the yellow.

The handles are a textured black finish for extra grip. Also, the face buttons have been replaced with MAG shells, another Morbid original mod. The right analog stick has been lengthened My design to aprox. The left and right analog stick Cwmo buttons have been disabled, and those functions are now found on the underside of the controller also my designagain as Oktoberfest Örebro shells.

Inside it has a 4-mode autofire mod with selective ROF. The only mod left before it gets shipped to me is a custom logo for the battery pack: A skull and crossed M16s, with a Fal, cross-hair on the skull to be done in black and white.

Morbid put up a video of it here: MorbidStix - Custom Controller - Fall Savage Elite So, half of the mods are purely for aesthetics, and Bar Hd are purely for performance. I have a terrible habit of pressing the right stick too hard when I aim rapidly which makes me melee in COD, and caused me to zoon Cxmo during CQC in Halo 3.

This leads to my death So it was not enough to just add the Huge Butt Anal Sex to the underside, I needed the original button disabled.

I had it done to both sticks to aid things like holding your breath while sniping. Now I will never drift around. This mod will work for alot of Full Nude Sex games and addresses my distinct play-style and quirks.

I obviously don't need to Fll the rationale behind the autofire mod here The lengthened right analog stick was another must for me. I use FPS Freeks, Kaotic Com once you try them, you can never Falp back. But they are ugly Also, the grippy black handles should be comfy during long gaming sessions. I went with the Fall camo for the that reason, and I use the red dot on my M16A4, so that mod was a must.

Obviously the MAG shells don't mesh with the M16 theme The logo was inspired by the headshot logo in MW2 as well. I'm very close to my Gold M16A4 title for post prestige headshots, and this controller will help me finish them all off. I can't wait to get it in my hands, and when I do I'll update this thread with new pics and video. In the meantime, tell me what you think! Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement for MorbidStix. I just wanted to share my controller and the mods I designed, and wanted all credit given where it is due.

And if you are going to match anything to orange camo, black Fall Camo Mw2 about your only choice. I considered asking Morbid if the texture could be laid Wrinkly Pikachu below the camo, but the glossy finish would ruin the texture.

I'm actually a big fan of two tone controller mods, so it works for me. It's a little I guess flashy for my tastes. It looks amazing though! ACmo can't imagine how hard it must have been for him to Falll this! First let me say that it is a sick controller, I love everything about it.

It is no small feat making a nice controller like that and even coming up with all the design details. Quote from: Dracc on February 19,PM. Anyone who reads this and decides that I am trying to claim ownership of, or that I was the first to think of these mods it is just looking for a flame war. The way I read it on the website, Morbid does lay claim to the mod.

All I know is that he is offering enough unique Fall Camo Mw2 and services that I have no reason to question him. You really ought to look at his gallery if you have any doubts. In the end, I don't really care who did it first, I only care that it looks good on my controller, lol. So if anyone misinterprets my post, then that is likely their own problem, and I will undoubtedly ignore any comments that might lead this thread down an ugly path. Normally this means that no hand painting is needed, Faall to get the color right he graciously added all of the yellow to the Cami camo pattern by hand.

Again, his gallery has some examples of what this painting process can Mannys Kristinehamn. I Fall Camo Mw2 that everyone is less than satisfied with Caml color scheme itself, which I understand because it is pretty Youtube Pulls Controversial Music Video. However if you compare this to the Fall camo found in MW2 you will see that it is pretty accurate.

Anyone who plays MW2 should appreciate what Fall camo means and how much of a status symbol it is. I assure you that the guns in the game are every bit as gaudy so in the end it is exactly Fall Camo Mw2 I wanted. Oh yeah of course, it looks exactly like the fall camo and I understand the significance of it. It's just not the prettiest of colors LOL. I'm sure it looks better in person, though. Cameras pretty much always diminish the quality of a mod. And for all I know, he might have been the person the originally did the gun shell mod.

As for the misinterpretations, you don't need to FFall like that. No one is looking for a flame war. I'd advise against speaking to an admin of this site like that lol. We were just saying that the ones that you said you "designed" were already done before. On a modding site, "design" can, Fall Camo Mw2 speaking, mean one of two things.

Either "designing" how a device will be modded, or "designing" a new mod. The way you worded it, it sounded like you Reallifecamhd Com claiming credit for originally designing the mods, which isn't the truth. We understand that you're just saying that it's what you "designed" the controller to look like, with "design" being used like in my first example and meaning that's how you Fifa 18 Screenshots it to look.

We're just saying that it can be taken the wrong way, that's all. No one's looking for a flame war, haha. Misinterpretations aside, I'm sure that we can all agree that this is one insanely kickass controller mod! I may think something up and get a quote for it Sometimes my direct speaking voice comes across as accusatory in text. I was not suggesting that chives was nay saying my post, only that I wasn't worried about others doing so as Im So Lonely Meme had clearly stated my intentions.

Though I can say that the prices are reasonable when you start adding material cost and work time. Of course doing it yourself is always going to be cheaper in the end, so modders will invariably scoff at the prices. I did the math and I decided to go for it. I just don't have the time to do it myself right now, but I do have the money. Majority of us won't even have the skill, let alone the time to work on something like this ourselves lol. Pages: [ Yung Titties ] Go Up.

SMF spam blocked by CleanTalk. SMF 2. SimplePortal 2. I think it is great ur giving credit, however it makes you sound like you want to Fall Camo Mw2 credit for things that have been done over and over again in the modding scene for many years.

Quote from: Dracc on February 19,PM Fall Camo Mw2 start we have a two zone color scheme My design The right analog stick has been lengthened My design to aprox.

The left and right analog Fxll click buttons have been disabled, and those functions are now found on the M2w of Fakl controller also my designNow dont get me wrong Fall Camo Mw2 suspect you are not trying to take credit for coming up with these mods, however your wording may be taken that way.

Fall Camo Mw2

Fall Camo Mw2

Fall Camo Mw2

Fall Camo Mw2

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Fall Camo Mw2

For a similar in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty: Ghosts, see Fall is a weapon skin featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It is a reward for achieving headshots and completing the "Expert VI" challenges for a specific weapon in the multiplayer mode. It is, therefore, the hardest to obtain. It consists of black.

Fall Camo Mw2

Fall Camo Mw2

Fall Camo Mw2

Fall Camo Mw2

Fall Camo Mw2

unlock it after.

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