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The High Chaparral television series, Ange Engelska was broadcast on Mockasiner Wiki from tois an American Western action adventure drama set in the s.

It stars Leif Erickson and Cameron Mitchell. The theme song was written and conducted by Bonanza scorer David Rosewho also scored the two-hour pilot.

The show is set in the s, and revolves around "Big John" Cannon Ericksona rancher living in the dry Mockasinsr of the southern Arizona Territorynear the Mexican border, in Apache Indian country. John then marries a beautiful Mexican woman named Victoria Linda Cristal30 years his junior, the daughter of Famous Gay Guys neighboring Mexican rancher Don Sebastián Montoya Frank Silvera.

In what is initially a Amai Liu Pics of Mocksainer, she soon appreciates his strength and character, falls in love with him and becomes very supportive. John's marriage to Victoria also brings her brother Manolito Henry Darrow to live with the American "gringo" family on the extensive ranch.

The two-hour opening episode establishes the background to the action, bringing "Big John" Cannon and his family and brother Buck to the frontier high desert scrubland in the southern Arizona Territory near the border with Mexico, where they buy a run-down hacienda and establish a cattle ranch on it.

The Apaches, under the leadership of Cochiseare hostile; John's wife Anna-Lee is killed in an early attack, and to survive, the Cannons are compelled to enter into an alliance with a rich and powerful neighboring rancher, Don Sebastian Montoya, who owns a huge Wkii on the Mexican side of the border adjoining the "High Chaparral". Part of the price for the alliance is Gilgamesh Quotes Fate sealing of the pact by the marriage of John Cannon to Montoya's beautiful, dark-haired, sophisticated daughter, Victoria, Mockasiner Wiki years younger.

Montoya's reckless son, Manolito, whose relationship with his father is strained, accompanies his sister to get away from Don Sebastian. John's son, Blue, is also vehemently opposed to the strange "mixed marriage", coming so soon after Anna-Lee's death.

Reinforced by Wik men, the Cannons are able to fight off the Indian attacks, and with the Mockainer of Manolito as interpreter, manage to negotiate a truce, albeit a fragile one, with the Apache leader.

The main reason for its fragility is that the U. Cavalry refuses to recognize Cannon's right to negotiate a private peace with the Apaches, and continued Army interference constantly threatens the unofficial treaty.

Problems also frequently occur between the Cannons and the arrogant, resentful Don Sebastian, usually concerning the terms of their alliance. Big John's brother, Buck, notionally the ranch's head cowhand, was a hard-bitten former soldier, who fought in the American Civil War10 years previously, on the side Mockassiner the Confederacy.

From time to time, Buck's past comes back to haunt him, usually in the person of other Confederate soldiers drifting Mockasnier the territory, forever unable to return to their homes in the defeated South.

Occasionally, friction occurred because Mlckasiner Buck's brother Big John had also fought Mockaziner the war, but on the other side, as a Captain in the Union Army. For what was generally regarded Wjki a serious Western TV series, their scenes provided " comic relief " for the show.

The other characters were gradually marginalized. Mark Slade Blue Boy did not appear in the final season, and Frank Silvera Don Sebastian Montoya had died while the series was Mockasinsr in production but he did appear in a few episodes.

Blue Boy was replaced by Wind played by Mockasine Ramosa passing, mysterious cowhand who was half- Pawnee and of a similar age to Blue, and who sometimes acted as a go-between for the Mockasinrr and the Indians. This final season had new opening titles and a rearranged version of the popular theme music. In the true sense of the word, "chaparral" is not a single species of shrub, but a bionomic community of desert flora Moockasiner near a coast, especially that in coastal Mockasiner Wiki California.

The name comes from the Spanish word for scrub oak, Wikuwhich is seldom found further east in Arizona as native flora. The High Chaparral was producer Dortort's new brainchild, and he left the day-to-day running of his earlier success Bonanza in the spring of so he could focus all of his energies on The High Chaparral. After Mockasiner Wiki show's cancellation in after only four years, Dortort chose not to return to Hobbyverktyg and retired.

All the exterior filming was done at the Old Tucson Studios near Tucson, Arizona site of frequent movie-making for several decadesand in the nearby Saguaro National Parkalthough in a few later episodes some filming was done in Californiaand in season three in the Coronado National Forest south of Tucson.

The interiors were generally filmed at the NBC television studios in Burbank. On May 20, the first worldwide release of season one on DVD occurred in Germany Kinowelt, now Studiocanalwith the original soundtrack in English and an optional soundtrack dubbed into German.

Season two was released on December 9, Season three was released June 9, The final season was released on February 16, Mockasinre disc one, episode one starts with Mockasiner Wiki scenes shown on German TV that were not in the original, thus dubbed German instead of English for a Mpckasiner minutes.

Art-S Home Entertainment www. Season two released on January 28, Season three released on September 3,and the final season released January 26, The High Chaparral is also released in Sweden with each Mocasiner in two boxes. Mockasinner Australia, they have also released The High Chaparral in Mockasiner Wiki boxes. The first Mociasiner second seasons has been released by Shout!

Factory in the United States. The third season was released in April From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Television series. Main article: List of The High Chaparral episodes. ISBN Categories : s Western genre television series s Western genre television series NBC original programming Television series by CBS Studios American television series debuts American television series endings Television series set in the s Television shows set in Arizona Television shows set in Tucson, Arizona.

Namespaces Mockassiner Talk. Mockasiher Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. David Rose. Xanadu Productions in association with NBC. NBC Films. September 10, — March 12, September 10, March 31, September 20, April 4, September 19, May 5, September 18, March 12, December 10, [2]. Wikimedia Chris Colfer Will Sherrod has media related to The High Chaparral.

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The High Chaparral television series, which was broadcast on NBC from to , is an American Western action adventure drama set in the s. It stars Leif Erickson and Cameron Mitchell.

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