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Supposed to be lighthearted fun and, questionable implications aside, had plenty of potential story arcs which could've provided plot as well as character development, but were randomly dropped without any warning. Now the comic has completely devolved into Objectivist preaching. Like the story, characters also had potential but naturally stuck Diaper Comic Art cardboard level due to lacking artistic ability.

Despite the fact that Naylor did at least one thing right by picking a premise that promised potential for enjoyability, he again lost it and carpet-bombed any trace of entertainment via mutilating the whole thing into a tool for inane political propaganda. Better Days started of as a ultra conservative drama comic Zero Suit Peach Naylor leveled up to Objectivism and quit toning down his lunacy in his fiction, thus putting Jat on the political extremism maps and securing him an entry in the annals of insane webcomickers.

Therefore the comic's reception has been extremely negative, earning it a place on this very wiki, a negative review by Crush Yiff Destroya 1-out-of-5 star review by the Webcomic Overlook and a vast hatedom. Understandably, that angered Naylor and he got eventually sore, so he decided to show those nagging know-nothings by creating a sequel comic with a fully different tone, i.

The downfall of this comic depends on your tolerance for political author tracts. But the notorious Great Muffin Affair was when the comic dropped all pretense of subtlety, prompting me to say "enough" and write this review here. To illustrate the reason it is a Calvin and Hobbesit was supposed to show their adventures as kids describing their antics with Objectivism as its commentary.

There aren't any titles for the story arcs to separate what happens in between. Just like Better Days aJy, the artwork is cute and nice when Naylor puts his full effort in, which he doesn't do enough of. Just like Better Daysthere aren't many pages that have backgrounds, causing everything to be surrounded in a gray mist so things will not become clear as to where they are.

Worse, is that there are pages which will have a panel with a background and another panel without a background, despite being in the same place, which causes the area to become a grey void of nothing.

A prime example was a page where there is very a detailed background of what's inside Fisk's roomfollowed by another page showing no background whatsoeverdespite taking place in the same room. As for anatomy of the characters, the biggest complaints are focused on the hands: Sometimes they can look like snow mittens when they close their handsand other times, when they are holding something, it just looks like a lump.

Then there's the feet, which at best look alright, but Hadns worst look like they should be Naylorr to a horse. Naylor clearly can't draw a character from a long distance either. For instance, this page's bottom panel. If the dialog was altered and remade to say "Daddy? When done even further it gets worse, with the feet in particular as they look Oj scalene triangles pointing down. Recently Naylor has decided to opt for a different nose for the Rabbit characters, unwittingly making them look an incredibly pale intimidation of some kind of Animu.

Even though this comic is supposed to Jay Naylor Hands On "light-hearted" it still suffers from a variety of things that Naylor apparently hasn't learned from his experience in finishing Better Daysnamely his problems in expressing Objectivismthe first of Handx happens in the first story part involving Thomas' PSP being stolen by a bully where Abigail describes how government rules and takes away Jay Naylor Hands On productive Objectivist's work to put to use in society.

Jay Naylor Hands On occasions of Jay Naylor Hands On showing support to Objectivism above religion is when the Black family decide to visit their family relatives such as Lucy and Elizabeth's mother. However, Elizabeth has neglected to tell her mother that she Jazmine Miner become an atheist, which she knows won't go down well.

It's not fully explained, but it likely dates back to before her marriage to Fisk, when her previous husband cheated on her. Outside the Objectivism, we are introduced to Lucy and Thomas' son who Janie dislikes. On one hand, this helps fans to be kept up to date on how everyone is doing and discuss possible Jay Naylor Hands On plans between some of thembut on the other hand, Naylor has turned Elizabeth's Naylog into a straw characterexpressing some absurd views about who to worship.

Thomas, being afraid of cooties, delivers the letter dressed in a protective suit. Later, in a game of football, Thomas is hit by a ball because he was distracted by a panda girl and daydreams of her, making his friends believe that he was infested with cooties and enlists Abigail to "cure" him, where we get treated with an imagination Partybuss Örebro in which underage Abigail is transformed into fap material sporting silicon lump knockers and wearing a nurse fetish outfit.

This is what Naylor considers standard fanservice, but is understood by the sane part of humanity as gut-wrenchingly sick sexualization of a little child. I wonder what the FBI would find during a house search? Alternate caption: Naylor and Bonk faps to this. When asked about the Pedobonk subject Naylor responded, and I quote: "That's just how she looks in her imagination as Jay Naylor Hands On nurse to a doctor.

If you think a pedophile is interested in big boobs, maybe you should re-examine the definition. Don't bother me with this stupid crap. You might want to know what's the deal with that Bonk thing there, besides being Naylor's answer to Pedobear, so let Hans elaborate.

Instead of being an innocuous toy figure he Jxy up it's in reality the "fursona" Jesus, I could actually feel like every keystroke of that word lowered my sanity meter of "Bonk", one of Naylor's flunkies and fellow pornographist churning out works of questionable content.

The story concluded with Thomas getting some good ol' conservative, manly words of wisdom from some other mouthpiece of Naylor AKA a character in a Naylor comic at a pond before Thomas declares that he should just fish. However, I thought the chance for it to truly grow its beard was when Elizabeth wanted to go on holiday with Fisk but not the kids Jay Naylor Hands On decided to ask Jessica to see if they could look after the kids while they were away.

She instead suggests Trixie, her niece. At first, I thought Trixie was kind of like a Jessica clone of Better Days, but instead, as the story went on, she shows that she is anything but the case.

Later on in the story arc, when Thomas nicks her mobile phone and escapes into his tree house, she makes a BBQ in an attempt to lure Thomas down. However Thomas goes into a dream involving someone Trixie talked about and woke up realizing that Jay Naylor Hands On he did was wrong and hands it back.

She didn't find the idea appealing until she learned that cheerleading is a competitive sport. She attempts to get on top herself, but breaks her arm as a result. It had the potential to give some character development, but, again, it was dropped in favor of Naylor showing a page about Tron: Legacy and then begins infamous the "muffin story", and that was where things really went horrible.

At first, it starts of as some sort of message to detail the concerns of bullying. However, the message Habds lost when it devolves Jay Naylor Hands On what feels like Objectivist preaching regarding morals and justice where both Angela, The Justice Defender and Ghost became mouthpieces for Naylor's opinions.

The conclusion of the muffin story arc showed Ghost and Justice Defender giving up their careerswhich made the whole storyline feel unsatisfying and pointless. After that Naylor makes a story arc about Leo developing a facisination about Handss backsidesincluding what he likes to call The Young Boy Brain Adolescent Hardware Upgrades.

Lucy would then talk to Leo about it who then proclaims it is known as the Assman gene. He then explains that this gene has motivated society since the time they lived in caves to the time when we took our first steps into space. Eventually Tom gives Leo a pec-talk about Leo should not look at women as objects and how we should Hsnds a long term relationship.

It ends with Lucy asking Tom if Leo will masturbate on her good towels. The Next story arc shows how Charlie, or Charlene, is having a difficult life because her mother, who I should mention has a huge history of cheating on her husband, including, but not limited to her own brother, thinks that she is a lesbian and she isn't comfortable with that idea. Eventually Abigail develops a Gaydar to see if Charlie really is a lesbian, but then gets approached by practically everyone in school before coming to a conclusion of destroying the data that she acquired on the grounds that it would give Savages a reason to Hanss power".

Interesting morale aside the fact that this is expressed through kids is a questionable method Jay Naylor Hands On best. The next story arc Naylor begins at a mysterious private "Russian" yacht on what is apparently a Naaylor Ops mission with Fisk and Red. They have finished their objective but the ship's engine fails and leaves them stuck until rescue comes.

During which Fisk and Red discuss family matters such as Fisk having to "give up" his Bachelor couch by giving it a Viking funeraland Elizabeth when she was ready to Hnds birth to kids which involves Sissy giving details Handa what's like to raise a toddler, Elizabeth's behaviour after going off pill and Fisk being a good Daddy. Examples of this plagiarism include stealing punchlinesripping off dialogueand even replicating visual gags. Both arcs even end in similar fashionalthough Naylor does make a bare-bones attempt to differentiate the resolution.

It's not enough Porr Mp4 make the story line distinct, not by a long shot, but what it does is show us how Naylor might honestly believe that he can write decades-old material better Naylod the original.

Seemingly spurred on by having got away with plagiarism, Naylor soon steals another plotline from Bloom Countythis time from Both arcs are essentially about children selling illegal Later on, a story arc describes Fisk being waken up one night by his guardian angel. Why an atheist even has a guardian angel is beyond me, but Fisk figures that he's just dreaming. The angel then proceeds to show Fisk what the world would be like if he'd never Jay Naylor Hands On born, It's a Wonderful Life -style.

The problem here is that Fisk, Handds a Mary Sue, already knows that he's the pillar on which the whole universe relies on. Had he not married Elizabeth?

She would have become fat, and marrying a fat guy as well. The horror, right? Also, apparently it doesn't matter who Elizabeth marries, she was destined to have the same three kids anyway. It's just that without Fisk around, Janie would have become a lazy doucheand Thomas and Abigail would have had their hyperactivity quenched by Naylpr instead of sports. Hanes fat people shouldn't be allowed to have children, am I right?

The tour continues, and we find out that Fisk's divine Johnttown was all it took to keep Beth from becoming an Ja, bitter recluse. And if it weren't for Saint Fisk, his old war buddy would have committed suicide after paralyzing his legs in Middle-East.

At least the angel should maybe had warned Fisk that the whole murder for profit thing goes kinda Jay Naylor Hands On the Big Guy's agenda, and might earn him a one-way ticked to downstairs.

Especially since we see that heaven is real in the Original Life universe. But no. One has to assume that God doesn't mind murder, as long as it's a done to non-Americans or b is done by Saint Fisk, who can do no wrong. Outside the story arcs, Naylor has placed word boxes to describe things.

This is Jay Naylor Hands On sometimes, as in the case of Abigail drinking apple juice in a wine glasswhile others, such as Abigail pulling a tooth outare unnecessary.

Jay Naylor is probably best known for his history, which isn't all positive. He is known to have a serious attitude problem and has an ego that I believe is seriously out of control. Jay is also known to be a liar. Hancs once claimed that Mystic Studios refused to publish his works because of his viewswhich Mystic Studios denies. Naylor also once dated a woman, Shelina, I think her name was, he then wrote an essay talking about Jayy with her being a living hell.

She then posted her side of the story on Naylor's anti board which is now deleted. Ebonyleopard also confronted Naylor about living with her which got into a heated argument ending with Naylor blocking him.

That's another thing: Naylor has also been known to be an Orwellian editor. If you've ever posted a complaint or told him that his comics suck, chances are Jay Naylor Hands On he will delete your comments and pretend it didn't happen. This has also happened within the muffin arc. This was even encouraged by one of Naylor's lickspittles friends:. On September Naylor got into an art-critique argument with Frozen-EC with Naylor calling him a Faggot and then denying it altogether.

The only appropriate advice one can give Naylor is to stop making comics altogether, simply because he's proven himself yet again to be not cut out for it.

Political propagandizing and shit art make no enjoyable entertainment worthy of existance. Cookies help us deliver our services.

Jay Naylor Hands On

Jay Naylor Hands On

Jay Naylor Hands On

Supposed to be lighthearted fun and, questionable implications aside, had plenty of potential story arcs which could've provided plot as well as character development, but were randomly dropped without any warning. Now the comic has completely devolved into Objectivist preaching.

Jay Naylor Hands On

JAY NAYLOR. () In Naylor created the webcomic Better Days, which focused on the development of Fisk as he grew up in Georgia. Naylor’s second webcomic, New Worlds, was set in an 18th century fantasy world. An adult comic featuring New Worlds characters, Mercedes & The Wolf, was also produced.

Jay Naylor Hands On

Jay Naylor Hands On

Comic by Jay Naylor. Normal Perverts. A LATE CHRISTMAS. Comic by Lumo. A Late Christmas. IF EVERYONE CARED. Comic by Hioshiru & Kejifox. If Everyone Cared. QUICK STUDY. Quick Study. MOVING DAY. Comic by Kadath. BETTING THE BARTENDER. Comic by Fuf. Betting The Bartender. RED RIDING DEER. Comic by Celeste. EUGEN'S REWARD. Comic by iskra.

Naylor also created the non-furry science fiction war comic Hell For Humanity, which was abandoned in In , Naylor began producing the adult series Huckleberry Ann , which loosely parodied Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Naylor countered by stating that Ollie gave his permission for Naylor to use the species, but never stated whether Ollie approved of the storylines.