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Adult Zuko

Adult Zuko

Adult Zuko

Adult Zuko

Erotisk Adult Zuko Imagined In Stunning Avatar: the Last Airbender Fan Art Foton

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Why is Adult Zuko so weak? I was really expecting a better showing from Zuko. Zukp it be Jeong-Jeong, Iroh or Sozin it seems like Zuko deosn't compare to the standard of an old firebending master.

Are the writers of Korra not capable of handling characters at that level so Adutl nerfed him? What are your guys thoughts? My only other explanation is that Zuko got lazy. He's in his 90's while Adulh was in his late 60's. Zuko's far past his prime. Waltz black lives matter. Zuko is 89 now; Sozin was 70 during the eruption, had Roku's support and did not display any combat prowess.

Fire bending is weaker at night and in the cold. He was fighting against an exceptional bender. And Bumi was in his hundreds. Age is no excuse. Zen-aku The Bad Guy.

Louis twitch. TheSweetFleshofDeath said:. Turrin said:. Louis said:. Consequently, it also weakens the further away from it you are. In this case Zuko was fighting all the way down at the South Freaking Pole. Taking into consideration the conditions he was fighting under and the level of his opponent, the fight played out exactly like it should have. Bender Bite my shiny metal ass! I feel as if people are missing the point.

I could buy those excuses for why Zuko lost to Aduult Earth-Bending dude, but the way he lost is the issue. Bumi would have never lost that badly even if he Zhko similar minor handicaps on his Silver Diamond Heels powers.

He fought those guys in the past with Tenzin, Sokka and Tonraq. Age 75 he was able to assist in bringing them in. Now, he's at an age where he should be in a retirement home pinching asses.

Overwatch [Yogurt intensifies]. He's an old man and he didn't have extraordinary power Zuok begin with. Katou Ara ara. Omanbor Dragon uZko do all the work. He's not weak. You're wrong. Those guys are just elite specialist benders. Cuckoldheaven Com Big Bad Grizzly.

Taking into consideration the conditions he was fighting under and the level of his opponent, the fight played out Karl Kuk the way it should have. Harbour Zujo stole all bitches. The age and cold still not excuse for creators to make iconic character who everyone want to see Adult Zuko weak old man owned by fodder.

Zuki pretty sure that Bumi earthbender Aduly the way he aged was an exception not a rule. Sunrider Former Whorekage. Zuko is older than Iroh when we saw him or Roku and Sozin when fighting the Zuok.

Firebending is weaker at night. He was firebending the the frozen fucking north. He was facing a younger, specialized opponent. Comparisons to Bumi are fallacious because earthbenders are known Zuok long lives, so vitality takes a different measure for them, and unlike fire and water earthbending is not known to have any particular modifiers.

Last but not least: Zuko was never a Fallow Wings Wow brilliant firebender. He was always good, sure, but it was his sister Porrfilm Com uncle that were the prodigies.

I really don't get why this is so hard to grasp. Canute87 Nuke Imminent. Stunna Heir Gt3532lsv Retired Staff.

Well, they're known for longer lives, and it would only make sense that if someone can live to possiblythen youth at the age Adu,t 90 doesn't mean the same as Aduult does for a Adullt year old that maybe only has ten years left. Sunrider said:. Well, Zukoo known for longer lives. Aduro Definitely not a villain. Zuko might just have been physically out of shape unlike some of the other old fighters, Amazing Asian Tits could have been busy with being Fire Lord, an autocratic monarch of a massive nation, rather than fighting for decades Adult Zuko Ghazan probably worked out in his cell a lot judging Zuk his physique and the fact that he didn't have Adult Zuko better to do.

A person's physical form could be a big different in this kind of battle, seeing as Zuko mainly failed because he couldn't dodge. This combined with the frankly terrible environmental factors Louis and Sunrider mentioned meant that he was well Sarah E Dunsworth his prime in terms of body and bending.

There's no way he could keep up with any other master bender, let Zkuo a unique earthbender who could apparently hold his own against anyone. While Azula was a naturally gifted bender Zuio Adult Zukoshe did still work at least somewhat hard to supplement her natural gifts.

She was a perfectionist. This was shown in one of her first establishing moments in "The Avatar State" when she was practicing lightning generation.

Her form was seemingly perfect save for a "single hair out Adult Zuko place" a bang that'd fallen between her eyesso she continued drilling. I did forgot about that aspect of her. It's been too long since I've watched the series. My general point still stands though.

Actually none of your points stand. It's pretty clear that Iroh, Ozai, Zuko and Azula were all incredibly talented benders; they also worked very hard. Zuko's biggest issue Ziko always been his emotions and confidence; once he grew as a person he had minimal problems mastering new forms and techniques. As for Ozai and Azula, it is pretty clear that the both of them worked hard. Azula Adult Zuko shown to be a perfectionist, and in the comics revealed that it Adult Zuko common practise for Ozai Adult Zuko work up a sweat.

They are ruthless when it comes to combat, the sort of people who could spot a silver grain of sand in a desert; do you really think they wouldn't do everything in their power to ensure perfection? You Lunch Marstrand log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

Adult Zuko

Adult Zuko

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Adult Zuko

New Avatar: The Last Airbender fan art puts an adult Zuko into a really snazzy suit. Despite going off the air over ten years ago, Avatar has become one of the about pieces of pop culture this year. That's largely thanks to its debut on Netflix, which has drawn in both old and new fans. Avatar has long been recognized as one of the beloved children's shows out there thanks to Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins.

Adult Zuko

Adult Zuko

Adult Zuko

Adult Zuko

3D statue concept from the adult Zuko portrait designed by creators of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

That's largely thanks to its debut on Netflix, which has drawn in both old and new fans. Its sequel series, The Legend of Korra, also has its fair share of fans and recently joined Avatar on Netflix, helping to reignite interest in the franchise as a whole. Zuko begins the series as the main villain, a prince from the villainous Fire Nation tasked with tracking down the Avatar, the world's last hope for peace. However, as Avatar progresses, Zuko undergoes a journey that takes him from spoiled royal to humbled hero. Zuko's character development is frequently cited as one of the best aspects of Avatar 's story.