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Flowey X Reader Lemon

Flowey X Reader Lemon

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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! You're not really sure how you ended up here. You're not really sure where to go or even how to get back to the surface. But you're really not sure what to do with a psychotic flower hanging around. After getting fired from your job as a waitress you apply for a position as a live in nanny.

What you don't realize however is that you'll be working for the former queen of monsters! Frisk is Flowey X Reader Lemon easy enough kid to get along with, but their ever present reluctantly companion Flowey He's rude, grouchy, and mean spirited. Now, with Frisk's help, your vow to be Flowey's friend. No matter how hard he resists. Two sisters. One promise. In a world of death and gore, these girls will have to use the power of words and actions.

One wrong move could end Domination Teen in their permanent death. They soon come across the skeleton brothers, who take them in for a price- one that they have no choice in.

World is cruel. They don't need you. There's no sense for you to stay any longer. With these thoughts you headed to the Mt. Ebott, knowing that there's a deep hole. What you didn't know is that, that there's some kind of civilisation down here. Life underground is pretty nice, so why bother to go back to the surface? Well, that's what Flowey X Reader Lemon thought at the beggining. A series of unrelated events that are relatable in some way, shape, or form.

This is simply an archive of multiple one shots, all of which star you and Flowey as secret agents. Unless it says of Bonber. Guest starring all your favorite Undertale characters! Your study on the monster origins leads you to seeking out ways of venturing into the underground. Your friend, colleague, and the ambassador of the monsters, Frisk, however refuses to help you… so once mistakes have been made, you find yourself having to count on a brand new friend to return to the surface.

So, omg how do i put this. With some smut lmao I won't disappoint you! You were a regular, beautiful girl who was the daughter of a bordering on crazy scientist of a father. After your father goes missing, you quickly set off into the forest to the west side of the village, up Flowey X Reader Lemon mountain, trying to find him.

You fall into a large hole at the top of Mt. Ebott, where Flowey X Reader Lemon find your father, who was locked away in the ruins of Reddit Squirt underground. What will happen in this world as you Flowey X Reader Lemon a deal with a cursed prince to swap places with your father?

You've fallen down. Dust is scattered around. From the darkness is a golden flower. The air is filled with the dead's powder.

Will you listen to Asmr Amy Snapchat whispers and do what is right?

Or will you give into the blood lust and prepare to Flowey X Reader Lemon People die. Reapers collect their souls. This is a collection of stories about you meeting the Reaper who's tasked with bringing your soul to the Other side, whatever that means. The relationship may be platonic, romantic or staight up wtf - even in death there are bound to be absurd and strange situations.

Just your luck, right? Flowey X Reader Lemon Dark sense of humor sprinkled on many of the chapters. As Crow of The Underground it is your job to see the souls of all the monsters into the afterlife. But when a series Milfart events happens involving a certain prince and his human brother you can't just let things end as they are.

But all of that changes when Frisk and Chara's cousins enroll at her school. Oh yeah did I forget to mention that they're royalty. Prince Asriel Dreemurr the kindest soul you will ever meet 17 Lady Undyne Dreemurr if you can even call her a lady 21 And Lord Fiorello Dreemurr that everyone affectionately calls Flowey because his name means little flower 17 Milliana Tauren artistic loser and all round nerd 17 Chara Player badass bitch 16 Frisk Player relentless flirt 16 Sans Serif Gaster lazy but gets good grades by doing, nothing?

No matter where you were? Flowey following and fucking with the reader throughout their busy day in the Underground. It will get progressively naughtier in the following chapters. Will include Sans x Reader eventually. Maybe even Sans x Reader x Flowey ; I have no idea how long this is going to be.

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Flowey X Reader Lemon

Flowey X Reader Lemon

Flowey X Reader Lemon

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Flowey X Reader Lemon

20/05/ · Read Flowey x Kind Reader lemon from the story Undertale Ships Lemon/Fluff oneshots by EmilyHeatherDaMeifwa (thank you) with 3, reads. idfk. (Y/N) was skipp Reviews:

Flowey X Reader Lemon

Flowey X Reader Lemon

Flowey X Reader Lemon Fanfiction. my friends want this from me T v T I don't own shit. Except your soul. You signed it away when you clicked on this. floweyxreader xreader. Should I do an actual lemon or nah? 3 22 By CakeLord Like, Idk if I.

I couldn't help but be curious. I couldn't help but adore the cute flower. Sure he might yell at me when I rub his petals or when I try to be nice but, I think eventually he will warm up to me. Sometimes they leave him in my room to take care of, and I forget. One time I was changing clothes after getting muddy on a rainy day and he was sitting there quietly on my dresser watching. I didn't notice till I heard him mutter to himself.

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