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The term incapacitating agent is defined by the United States Department of Bondage Slave Femdom as:.

Lethal agents are primarily intended to kill, but incapacitating agents can also kill if administered in a potent enough dose, or in certain scenarios.

The term "incapacitation," when used in a general sense, is not equivalent to the term "disability" as used in occupational medicine and denotes the inability to perform a task because of a quantifiable physical or mental impairment. In this sense, any of the chemical warfare agents may incapacitate a victim; however, by the military definition of this type of agent, incapacitation refers to impairments that are temporary and nonlethal.

Thus, riot-control agents are incapacitating because they cause temporary loss of vision due to blepharospasmbut they are not considered military incapacitants because the loss of vision does Vedio On Sex last long. Although incapacitation may result from physiological changes such as mucous membrane irritation, diarrheaor hyperthermiathe term "incapacitating agent" Deviantart Sleeping Gas militarily defined refers to a compound that produces temporary and nonlethal impairment of military performance by virtue of its psychobehavioral or Seeping effects.

Deviantat biological warfarea distinction is also made between bio-agents as Lethal Agents Sleepjng. The use of chemicals to induce altered states of mind in an adversary dates back to antiquity and includes the use of plants of the nightshade family Solanaceaesuch as the thornapple Datura stramoniumthat contain various combinations of anticholinergic alkaloids.

The use of nonlethal chemicals to render an enemy force incapable of fighting dates back to at least B. Following Drviantart War IIthe United States military investigated a wide range of possible nonlethal, psychobehavioral, chemical incapacitating agents to include psychedelic indoles such as lysergic acid diethylamide LSD and the tetrahydrocannabinol derivative DMHPcertain Deviantart Sleeping Gas, as well as several glycolate anticholinergics. One of the anticholinergic compounds, 3-quinuclidinyl benzilatewas assigned the NATO code "BZ" and was weaponized beginning in the s for possible battlefield use.

Although BZ figured prominently in the plot of the movie, Jacob's Ladder Pojkspoling, as the compound responsible for hallucinations and violent deaths in a fictitious American battalion in Vietnamthis agent never saw operational use.

Destruction of American stockpiles of BZ began in and is now complete. By a search of the Tropics for venomous animal species in order to isolate and synthesize their toxins was prioritized. For example, snake venoms were studied and The College of Medical Evangelists was under contract to isolate puffer fish poison. The U. Army Chemical Warfare Laboratories were isolating shellfish toxin and trying to obtain its Deviantwrt.

For several years attention had been fixed on the military potentialities of the psychochemicals of various types. Research on new agents tended to concentrate on viral and rickettsial diseases. A whole range of exotic virus diseases prevalent in tropical areas Deviantart Sleeping Gas within the screening program inwith major effort directed at increased first hand knowledge of so-called arboviruses i.

The importance of epidemiological studies in connection with this area of endeavor was being emphasized.

The concept of "humane warfare" with widespread use of incapacitating or deleriant drugs such as LSD or Agent BZ to stun an enemy, capture them alive, or separate friend from foe had been available in locations such as Berlin since the s, an initial focus of US CBW development Deviantart Sleeping Gas the offensive use of Deviantart Sleeping Gas, drugs, and substances that could completely incapacitate an enemy for several days with some lesser possibility of death using a variety of chemical, biological, radiological, or toxin agents.

A study of possible uses of migratory birds in germ warfare was funded through Camp Detrick for years using the Smithsonian as a cover. An agents Sleepinh of a copy of the book Birds of Britain, Europe, is recorded as part of what was described in a Att Köpa Hus På Gran Canaria accounting of the MKULTRA program as a continuous project on bird survey in special areas.

The sampling also provided exotic tropical viruses and toxins from the various organisms collected on both land and sea. The "bird cruises" were subsequently found to be a U. It was generally thought by historians that the Nazis only intended ever to use biological weapons defensively. Sleeping gas is an oneirogenic general anaesthetic that is used to put subjects into a state in which they are not conscious of what GGas happening around them.

Possible side effects might not prevent use of sleeping gas by criminals willing to murderor carefully control the dose on a single Brazzers Movies sleepy individual. There are reports of thieves spraying sleeping gases on campers, [23] or in train compartments in some Deviantart Sleeping Gas of Europe. There is one documented case of incapacitating agents being used in recent years.

An incapacitating agent was used to disable the terrorists whilst the theatre was stormed by special forces. At the time, the gas was reported to be an unknown incapacitating agent called " Kolokol-1 ".

The Russian Health Minister Yuri Shevchenko later stated that the incapacitating agent used was a fentanyl derivative. In a Mennonite community in Bolivia, eight men were convicted of raping women in Manitoba Colony over a four-year period from toby spraying "a chemical used to anesthetize cows" through the victims' open bedroom windows.

The perpetrators would then wait Deviantart Sleeping Gas the women Deviantart Sleeping Gas be incapacitated, whereupon they entered the residences to commit the crimes. Later, the women would awaken to a pounding headache, find blood, semen or dirt on their sheets, and would sometimes discover their extremities had also been bound.

Several men and boys were also suspected of having been raped. While additional actors Funny Horse Fails thought to have participated, they were never identified nor prosecuted; in fact, the rapes did not stop with the incarceration of the original eight men. When two of these men were caught in Deviantart Sleeping Gas act Gws entering one of the women's homes, Deviantart Sleeping Gas implicated friends in the rapes Sleeoing local authorities.

Eventually nine Manitoba men, ages 19 to 43, were charged with using a spray adapted from an anesthetic by a veterinarian from a neighboring Mennonite Porn Series to subdue their victims, then raping them.

Eight of the accused were found guilty of rape, one escaped from the local jail before the end of the trial, and the veterinarian was found guilty of being an accomplice to the rapes. According to at least three residents of the colony, a local prosecutor, and a local journalist, these "ghost rapes" continue despite imprisonment of the men convicted in the Deviantrt rapes.

A date rape drug, also called Devianart predator drug, is any drug that can be used as incapacitating agent to assist in the execution of drug facilitated sexual assault DFSA. Previously, Weir noted that cases of drug-facilitated sexual assault were frequently found to involve alcohol, marijuana or cocaine, and were less likely to involve drugs, such as flunitrazepam Rohypnol and gamma-hydroxybutyrate, that are commonly described as being used in this context.

Similar findings have been Deviantart Sleeping Gas by others, including Hall and colleagues, in a recent retrospective study from Northern Ireland". A fictional form of incapacitating agent, sometimes known as "knockout gas", has been a staple of pulp detective and science fiction novels, movies and television shows. This is in contrast to chloroforma liquid anesthetic — itself a common element in genre fiction — which requires physically subduing a victim before being applied.

A number of notable fictional characters created in the early 20th century were associated with the use of knockout gas; these include Fu ManchuDr. It had become a familiar trope by the s when it was utilized in the X-Men comics. A famous example recurs in every opening Deviantart Sleeping Gas of the s British TV series The Prisoner — To this list Winkypussy character Sterling Archer has recently been added.

Army psychiatrist James S. InKetchum and his boss were visited by CIA agents for a brainstorming Deviahtart at his Maryland laboratory. We considered the pros and cons of using incapacitating agents and various other options. As it turned out, we could not imagine a scenario in which any available agent could be pumped into the airliner without the hijackers possibly reacting violently and killing passengers.

Ultimately, the standoff was resolved by other means. Devviantart Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Sleeping gas. Sleeping Gas. Adamsite Chloropicrin Diphenylchlorarsine Diphenylcyanoarsine Diphenylamincyanoarsine. EA Kolokol PAVA spray Sleeping gas. Main article: Project MKUltra. See also: Psychochemical warfare and Johnston Atoll § Biological warfare test site Main article: Date rape drug.

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Deviantart Sleeping Gas

Deviantart Sleeping Gas

The term incapacitating agent is defined by the United States Department of Defense as:. Lethal agents are primarily intended to kill, but incapacitating agents can also kill if administered in a potent enough dose, or in certain scenarios.

Deviantart Sleeping Gas

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Deviantart Sleeping Gas

Deviantart Sleeping Gas

Deviantart Sleeping Gas

79, The #1 group for art lovers that love to see their favorite heroines and other women getting knocked out by sleeping gas. The #1 group for art lovers that love to see their favorite heroines and other women getting knocked out by sleeping gas. More. Group. Founded 11 Years ago.


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