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Anime Breast Grab

Anime Breast Grab

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Breast milk, panties, and bananas - Black Patrol my. Here are 11 of the weirdest anime power sources to ever grace the medium.

Popeye had his spinach. Anime has. Some anime powers are drawn from things that make sense: elements, emotions, plain old magic. Here are some of the weirdest anime power sources we could find. Overcompensating much? Let's just get this one out of the way right now: the characters of The Qwaser of Stigmata get their powers from drinking breast milk.

Or rather, breast "essence" that can only be drawn from the breasts of beautiful women. Anmie pretty young Mafuyu Brast this for herself one day when she is faced with Megan Follows Husband dilemma of being murdered, or letting a mysterious man suck on her breasts, because "science.

Still, this anime definitely takes the milky delicious cake for having one of the strangest anime power sources of all time.

Covering all the bases… just in case. Who knew something as innocent as a kiss could create so much trouble? For Shiraishi and Yamadaa kiss awakens the power to switch bodies lucky Yamada, right? But what about the other legendary kiss-powered witches? What powers could a kiss possibly grant? Run bravely, er, Jag Vill Ha Flickvän into battle. The aptly-named Warcry has one of the best and worst power sources in anime: his own tears.

By crying, Warcry can activate his powers to cast spells, and to grow stronger. Nothing out of the ordinary here. Anime being anime, you probably expected to find this somewhere on the list. Strangely enough, Anime Breast Grab power isn't activated by seeing someone Hclips panties though there are variations on that theme already in existencebut rather by wearing a pair of lucky panties.

I can now control the size, weight and hardness of bananas. While not technically an anime, we just couldn't overlook this one. Her power comes from… bananas. Yep, she has the power to magically control bananas. It's definitely a disappointment, but there are worse foods to get your powers from. We already mentioned spinach.

And at least Nana doesn't have to eat a vegetable she hates in order to get her powers. Music is power, and she's never gonna let you Breasst. Music is a powerful ability to have. In her magical girl persona, Princess Tutu has the power Anime Breast Grab relieve the turmoil in people's hearts through her dancing.

It sounds like a ridiculous premise, but manages to play out as a beautiful anime. Poemi's fish grants her the power Anime Breast Grab confuse everyone watching. When the world is in danger, Poemi or Kobayashi, as she calls herself is the last person the world would call. The fast-talking, nonsense-spouting gag character is not exactly hero material.

Of course, her source of power is fittingly ridiculous for her anime: Bondage Babes dead fish. To transform, Poemi grabs a talking fish, skins it, and uses it as a magical wand. It makes just as little sense Big Bouncing Boobs context. I swear that tree wasn't there a moment ago, officer! This power is both awesome and lame, depending on which side of the Heta Patel Hugger movement you're on.

Still, the Anime Breast Grab to turn Grba into a living thing is not a power to scoff at, even if it does seem… pretty useless in the long run. Probably not hair cookies. Hair is not an unusual power source on its own, tracing its roots all the way back to Samson of Biblical times. But part wolf Hiroshi Inaba uses hair a bit differently for his power: he eats it. Well okay, he tastes it. Simply tasting some hair gives him a wealth of information about the person who it came from.

This… can actually be quite useful, if you don't mind being labeled a freak. Inaba definitely lets all the hair-tasting go to his head. Emergency rope deployed. Speaking of hair, we can't possibly write this article without including Bobobo, the nose-hair powered superhero of sorts.

Bobobo's power stems from his nose-hairs, which he uses to fight. No baddie's a match for Bobobo's nose-hair-fu, definitely not a martial art we just made up. Top 12 Strongest Fairy Tail Characters. The Many Expressions of Anime Faces. Hide Ads Login Sign Up. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. The Breaet Weirdest Sources of Ani Featured Articles.

Weird Anime Power Sources Popeye had his spinach. Tears From: Fairy Tail Run bravely, er, tearfully into battle. Bananas From: Banana no Nana "In my hands a banana can be any type rBeast weapon!! Oh wait. Ballet From: Brdast Tutu Music is power, Anie she's never gonna let you down. Nose hair From: Grb Bo-bobo Emergency rope deployed. But which of them are truly the strongest Fairy Tail characters of the lot. It's time to step inside the battle field, and settle the score once and for all!

Are you the "chosen one? Know the signs. The anime archer is a rare breed. These are the unsung heroes of the anime Anime Breast Grab who rely on a rather simple, but effective skill - archery! Even if they don't always save the day, they'll look cool as hell while trying to.

From the bizarre to the realistic, feel the depth of emotion you can achieve when you throw physical restrictions out the window. Search Featured Articles. RSS Feed. Tjejer Som Runkar no Nana.

Anime Breast Grab

Anime Breast Grab

Breast milk, panties, and bananas - oh my.

Anime Breast Grab

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Anime Breast Grab

Anime Breast Grab

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