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Erotisk ToZ Timeline (possible spoilers) :: Tales of Zestiria General Discussions Bilder

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Tales of Zestiria Store Page. Global Ryttarinna. This timeline confuses Taales. Lailah Campann at Camalnn point "I am far older" but at Talez same time, it feels like the last shepard was a long time ago as there hasn't been a festival for many years, and before then it happened for many years as a tradition Which means for a tradition in a society it needs to be going on for a while.

However, its confusing because spoiler reasons involving Sorey and Mikleo's parents. Also how it feels how long Elysia has been sealed off. Regards to how old Lailah is and Calmann she took her oath and how many shepards she's been through are confusing as well. At one point it seems like she hasn't been through that many, another point makes me feel like Camlann Tales Of Zestiria hundreds of years old.

And how supposedly the Camlann Tales Of Zestiria of Asgard was only years ago? I feel like this game cant decide between long times and short times. Showing 1 - Csmlann of 14 comments.

I agree. They Cmlann the age of chaos started years prior to Camlsnn start of this game. And yet Mikleo and Sorey are both the Talws from the shepards from that day. While Mikleo being that age could make sense since the seraphs don't age apprently. I swear to god, they didn't hire a competant writer for this game.

Shiroi View Profile View Posts. Here's a link to the translated timeline from Taales world guidance book, Camlann Tales Of Zestiria might Zeestiria some things up. Also keep in mind that the celestial record is written by Michael, so the last shepherd appearing years ago is from his view. Zestiria timeline [kisechuu. Wait what? I dunno that feels like a cop out. Gramps should Cmalann told Sorey when he was educating him that the age of chos blah blah blah.

But yeah that's another thing thats grating is how the age of chaos started so long ago and yet sorey and mikleo. What about the Celestial Record? It Camann like the Iris Gems showed that the last shepard wrote it?

Yet its supposed to be a very old book? I dunno I dont think they actually Camlann Tales Of Zestiria, but once again thats the vibe I Zestirja. According to that timeline, Heldalf has only been the lord of calamity for 16 years. If Sorey is And if the world fell into ruin during the Death Age, by the then lord of Camlann Tales Of Zestiria, and all teh shepards vanished, because Maotelus' protection vanished.

That implies that since Heldalf is Maotelus' contractee, that he is the one that did that. This thing is so poorly written. If the lord of calamity from years ago is indeed not Selena Gomez Boobs, then maotelus' Djhannahb changed from the previous lord of calamity to heldalf, and if so, who the hell beat the previous lord?

Now if any of that makes sense fine. But that's what I call Camlann Tales Of Zestiria writing. I really have to stop checking the forums of OOf game, I only Camlann Tales Of Zestiria myself off. What can i say this game was broken during development by Beauties In Bondage story Camoann its characters.

And this many plotholes is result ZZestiria this. Let just hope that with future tales game we wont see this trend continue. Well so far I consider it Cxmlann 3 game trend. I found the Xillias to be poorly written. That said, Xillia Ov is servicable. But not the second one. Berseria hope. The lord of calamity isn't heldalf only. It's a being that is always appearing again and again, much like the shepherds themselves.

It was speculated in the game that maotelus' blessing was interrupted by the last lord of calamity, the timeline also states that. The timeline only adds, that it was "decades ago" Camlann was founded by michael which gave up on being a shepherd the iris gem which shows him giving back the glove to lailah somewhere between that and the start of the ago of chaos. The exact time isn't specified either. All those events aren't the age of chaos yet.

Then the whole thing with camlann getting occupied by rolance forces heldalfs forcesthen them retreating due to hyland closing in and camlann being destroyed in the process.

Camlann Tales Of Zestiria those events turned maotelus into a hellion. Michael sacrifices the human mikleo to cast a curse of solitude on heldalf, who didn't stay to protect camlann, then vanished into flames of malevolence himself. That sequence of events was Talles start of the age of chaos. Jiji swore to raise sorey and mikleo Zwstiria from the influences of the outer world. Sorey says that the celestial record states, the last shepherd Camlann Tales Of Zestiria years ago.

So you have to take the time of writing, which would be somewhere between the founding and downfall of camlann. Also keep in mind, that originally maotelus was the only being in the world who could wield the flames of purification.

Last edited by Shiroi ; 4 Nov, am. Originally posted by Shiroi :. Last edited by lukasopalka ; 4 Nov, am. The celestial records just being handled like fairy tales is a thing the bothers me a bit too, but i think it's just due to the fact, that no one knows what Zendaya Naked happened in camlann and all those events around michael.

No one knew who Talws those records, so everyone assumed that they were really, really old. The ago of chaos began when camlann was destroyed, which was 16,17 years ago. Before that was the era of three countries and death age. Hana Seto Nude from the fact that a book can be VERY widespread in 16 years, it makes me Talles how it came into circulation. And you misunderstood something about the whole years and maotelus: years ago his blessing vanished, read the Camlann Tales Of Zestiria Zwstiria wrote some posts above for explanation.

The age of chaos began in camlann village that's right, but not years ago. That was the death age. A Seraph can stop giving a blessing for any number of reasons. For example, when you go to the Lake inside the caves, the Lord of the Land Seraphim wasn't a hellion, it just left because it was displeased with humans.

Same with Lailah. She was sitting and waiting for the next Shepard to make a Talew with her. She gave no blessing and wasn't a hellion. You can say that she had no blessing to Zestidia, as another Lotl did, but it's all just subjective analysis. She could have provided a blessing if she wanted to. It's a choice of the Lotl Camlann Tales Of Zestiria is just a Seraphim appointed to an area. A Seraphim doesn't have to do anything.

Elysia Sex Halland full of Seraphim that do nothing. Not saying Camlann Tales Of Zestiria not productive, but they provide no blessing, allow Gramps to do it, and they don't turn hellion. It's just a choice a Seraphim makes in its life to take on that role or not. Edit: Additionally, if a blessing was lost, what's not to say it returned during the previous Shepard Michaelbut then lost again as Maotelus turned hellion after Michael gave in to Camlann Tales Of Zestiria malevolence?

Last edited by Uncle Kartwheel ; 4 Nov, am. Yeah, now that you're saying it, I'm trying to pay attention to these things and I can see them. Though it still doesn't feel that way. The feel is way different from how its written. Though I liked my own warped version of the chronology. She also says she has only been dwelling in the sacred blade for only 10 years?

There's so many discrepancies there I'm confused all over again. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 3 Nov, pm. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This Hdoom ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.

Camlann Tales Of Zestiria

Camlann Tales Of Zestiria

Camlann Tales Of Zestiria

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Camlann Tales Of Zestiria

For Tales of Zestiria on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs board topic titled "Where is Camlann???".Estimated Reading Time: 40 secs.

Camlann Tales Of Zestiria

Camlann Tales Of Zestiria

Camlann Tales Of Zestiria

Camlann Tales Of Zestiria

Camlann Tales Of Zestiria

Tales of Zestiria takes place on the continent of Glenwood, which is governed over by two warring counties. Through the hatred of man an impurity known as "malevolence" is generated and all living things on the continent are turned into beasts known as Hellions.

Today I get really frustrated, then we continue the story. This includes both AAA and Indie games, as a good game is still a good game. Thanks for watching and have a nice day! Tales of Zestiria Duration: