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Deeply rooted cultural taboos, shunning, silencing and individual denial all helped to prevent these alternative practices to be visible, accepted, and hence to be recorded in history. Not investigating them actually helped with their marginalization further and proving them inexistent.

On the other hand, violence in the context of sex seems omnipresent and attracting many. Time-wise, collected sources and my analysis go back to Ottoman and Byzantine Empire and geographically, I tried to narrow it down to the region which today is Bosnia-Herzegovina. This epistemological angle seems interesting to be included as a comparative analysis with the historical sources. Origins and Creations of the Balkan istic Sexuality.

The vast majority of available past studies refer to patriarchal, male-supremacist ideologies, ruling intimate relationships in the Balkans and by some rare exceptions there is no other than heteronormative discourse in sexuality, that is reproductive sexuality.

Rape as a part of some marriage rituals and Anbeas a usual marital praxis in southeastern Europe has been recorded in several studies, and there is substantial data particularly on marital rape and rape practices under the Byzantine and Ottoman Empire Levin ; Buturović and Schick However, we have to A Fragmented Monument careful with the very definition of rape since today we operate with the modern concept or understanding of rape as a crime.

In many cases of rape, death might be preferable and usually the dishonor of the victims is express by this Levin In Eneye of these societies women not behaving in the properly submissive manner 5 emphasis added are liable to a beating from their husbands Denich; Sex On A Snowbank severity of these sanctions express the collective dominance of the agnatic household, rather than simply that of the individual husband over their wife Denich Jovan Marić, for instance, in his essentialistic Balkangreuel What kind of people are we Serbs?

With regards to the historically based hatred legacy among the Turks and the South Slavs, and the mythology used for revenge, it is nothing but a great paradox that Marić refers to the Turks as those from whom the Serbs inherited their sexual prowess.

For the women, the brutality and aggressiveness of the man is, to a certain degree, accompanied by pleasure. The reasons for this are obvious.

The conquest of woman and the act of copulation, presupposes, on the men's part, a definite joy in attacking. The normal woman desires to be conquered by the man, to be forced; and only one step separates her from the female masochist who wishes, not only to be overwhelmed, but also to be raped and brutalized Hirschfeldibid. As an introduction to these paintings, a five-page long text describes the Balkans as a historically known place of wild, ethnically mixed, and brutally violent people Schick Particularly one of the paintings Figure no.

While the women are naked, the men are dressed in traditional Turkish clothes. Some pictures depict local men killed on the floor, while the women are being raped by the Turkish man Figure Dvdms 310. Again, according to the testimonies, the tales of the Balkan maidens and the Turkish ravishers played an important role during the conflicts in Yugoslavia in the early s. Notions on the sexuality behaviors Stephanie Van Rijn the Balkans can be found in some popular culture, music, songs, movies, stories, and in some ethnographical studies see Knežević Knežević outlines a Croatian form of epic singing called Ganga that usually communicates messages of love, betrayal, desire, and the sex appeal of young women and men.

Men portray themselves as wanting sex and portray women as withholding it; men depict women as hypocritical objects and depict themselves as powerful subjects.

Although, there are rare records of women expressing their sexuality through ganga songs, Brandes notes that some forms of folklore can be found that hold the idea of women as secretly and ardently Sleeping Xxx. For women, honor and shame are the basis of morality and underpin the three-tiered hierarchy of statuses: husband, family, and village.

Olujić describes another rather violent practice of men, expressing their right over women sexuality. In public, this physical assault aroused the cheers of men and motivated women to yell out and pull the man off the victim.

Since the attacked women usually rejected the men's advances, the play rape became a way for a man to Balkangreuel save face and publicly humiliate a woman for rejecting him.

In short, it was a game of status in which men had to be on top Olujić9. Another way to decipher whether or not a woman was a virgin was to secretly listen to the sound of her flowing urine. Videos, modeled on Small Black Teen Tits of MTV, feature Yugoslav women singing, for example, a Shania Twayne song, dressing like Shania Twayne, and even imitating her body movements. Apart from rare ethnographic research on sexuality in the Balkans, the literature overview shows obvious gaps in the knowledge on the topic.

Helms writes how after the war, images of violent and backward, but at the same time drunk and fun-loving male peasants, have been replaced by images of victimized women suffering from male brutality throughout war 18 Old Sex Movie post-war times. My experiences with typical child-raising practices in rural families in different areas of Yugoslavia have led me to a hypothesis.

In these thoroughly patriarchal families there is much tenderness and concern for children but also strictness and severe corporal punishment. To this I attribute the open, direct expression of positive feelings and sexual desires of men and women from many areas of the former Yugoslavia.

Perhaps the same thing is true of aggressive deeds: they happen spontaneously, are uninhibited, and are often sustained by sadistic pleasure Parin One can agree that following Balkangreuel symbolic interactionism social rules are learned and reinforced through everyday interaction, and the socialization as outlined by Parin is one of them.

Hereby, sexuality is controlled, Balkangreuel genderedand as such socially constructed Foucault ; everything we regard as female or male sexuality, sexual interaction, sexual violence, and rape is culturally imposed. This patriarchally grounded division is given another, very important dimension. Muslim women, reportedly the biggest group affected by systematic rapes see in: Helsinki WatchUNFPA collective and imagined community, became as an archetype of this sexuality in Balkans.

The intense Western presence in the war zone journalists, humanitarians, scholars contributed to the Westernized framework of the rapes in relation to sexuality. Muslim women, therefore, presented a primal target of rapes and forced impregnations, and soon became anonymous representatives of the victim collective identity Helms Only to her husband could she show her body — an extramarital affair was inconceivable …. It was also a disgrace if a Muslim woman became pregnant and the father of her child would not marry her: there Brittney Skye no greater shame.

Young Muslim women today may wear miniskirts and have boyfriends, they may study and Balkangreuel, but they still respect the commandment of virginity. This ethnicization of rapes has been later criticized by Žarkov and Helmsin terms of a very limited image of victimhood, embracing primarily rural Bosnian Muslim women. Here we are definitely dealing with crypto-racism Slapšak Or Fik Shun Shoes Serb or Croat or other women who also came from conservative communities in which Balkangreuel chastity, marriage, and motherhood are prized?

Purposefully or not, we can observe the tendencies of further representation of Balkans in the light of backwardness and primitivism. The post-war response of Islamic religious bodies toward women victims of rapes was protective and patronizing, too. Women were given the rank of shahidan honor given to Muslims who die defending their faith, country, or family.

It means she is becoming a heroine. Women have never been regarded as the equals of men in Balkan society This subtle and ingrained disrespect of women paved the way for the mass rapes that occurred in Bosnia. Although, Catherine MacKinnon's study of the pornographic tapes made during the war that we mentioned earlier, lack clear evidence and a critical approach, she kept the role of important contributor, being cited in numerous further works see for instance: Rejali ; Agathangelou ; Skjelsbaek Another similar case is the novelistic description of the trial of Dragomir Kunarac, Radomir Kovač and Zoran Vuković, 14 who all pleaded not guilty, by Slavenka Drakulić.

Witnessing the trial, she commented on how it must have seemed surreal for the men because:. After all, even if they were Mig Rig bit Balkangreuel with the girls, they did not kill them, and they did not order them to be killed The man Tantra Massage Palma the boss, the woman should shut up and obey him, and it is not unusual for a man to beat up his wife in order to remind her of that.

What is rape anyway? To take a woman when you want and wherever you want? It is a man's right, no question, as far as his wife is concerned Drakulić As we have seen through the historical analysis of the sexual scripts and the available sources, sexuality in Balkans was portrayed as Cipki Na Plazy manifested, with sexually disempowered Fortnite Magnus Back Bling and men, unable to control their animalistic sexual instincts.

Marital rape, as an example of this, has Balkangreuel become problematized and Balkangreuel as a form of sexual violence against women but on a community, bottom-up level still accepted as a conventional sexual practice. It means that placed Balkangreuel in the history — was rape in marriage also defined as violence or Blixt Tatuering a violent sexual practice?

You know what rape is. You are married and you know what men do with women. For years and years, I heard that it, between men and women, sex as it is called in modern times, was the best thing in this world or the world beyond. My whole life I worried about not marrying … Unfortunately now, as an old Rei Kuromiya of 50, I grew wise Now I know the truth and I also know that Allah, punishing me with my bad leg, spared me from the worst.

I wish I would have never known the truth and I wish instead that I would have regretted not having sex for the rest of my life.

My life was not easy, but I was not ashamed. Now I must lower my head and look to the ground Kadira in Vranić Violent imposition of sexual intercourse by a man on a woman has throughout history never been so visibly acknowledged neither problematized as it became with the occurrence Bo Sinn mass Balkangreuel violence during the war.

Women are Balkangreuel because they are rapable, and women are rapable because they are women Brownmiller Historical narratives contributed visibly to the knowledge of sexuality that we have today and also how we use them in further thinking.

While such agency was primarily needed for the legal and psychological requirements of the survivors, the produced knowledge on rape does not respond to the necessity of rape prevention in future. We have to give the evolution time; violence and aggression embedded in centuries, will not stop overnight due to the massive activism and agency on gender issues after the war.

In studying sexuality in Balkans, complex concepts of gender, sexuality and patriarchy often become a simplistic explanation of all inequalities and violence in general: structural, symbolic, psychological, and physical.

Despite the rare sources on research on sexuality in general, the analysed literature Hooters Airlines Photos no variety in sexual lifes, but it is, indeed, very rich in the evidence of intersections between violence and sexuality. The question that remains open is: why? Why the past researchers and ethnographic evidence recorded such limited knowledge?

As posed in the beginning, I am wondering, how much other important 'alternative sexualities' were dissmissed because they really were not in existence, or, also quite possibly, because researchers and ethnographers simply did not look for it.

I believe that 'evolution of sexuality' does not mean only finally starting to research it; the struggle for alternative practices was perhaps always there, but for this or another reason not taken into account, not recorded. This is the reason why I was trying to bring in the importance of 'colonial gaze' and the balkanistic attitude toward researching sexuality. As in other levels of seeing Balkans as 'the Other', why would the sexuality be an exception?

If we read these narratives, be it either before the war, during or after, quite often they can lead the reader to understand the practices of sexuality in a very exclusivistic way, subjected to patriarchalism and aggressive patterns of men's behavior. When the mass rapes in Bosnia happened, the word was shocked.

But the academia, besides media, helped to wrap this shock to the exlusivistic language by 'othering' the incidents to start understanding the patriarchy, where sexuality equals violence, unique and peculiar to Balkans. The resistance toward existing rape scripts can start happening by breaking down the narratives that preserve images of women as preexistent victims, women as subjected identities.

Agathangelou, Anna M. Canadian Woman Studies19 4 : 12— Bjelić, Dušan and Lucinda Cole. Sexualizing the Serb. DušanBjelić and ObradSavić — Lovehoney Blog Cambridge.






Deeply rooted cultural taboos, shunning, silencing and individual denial all helped to prevent these alternative practices to be visible, accepted, and hence to be recorded in history. Not investigating them actually helped with their marginalization further and proving them inexistent. On the other hand, violence in the context of sex seems omnipresent and attracting many.


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