Download KingRoot Apk For Android (Direct Download)

Rooting your Android device with KingRoot APK application is easy and it is one of the best rooting app that you will find. As for rooting, it offers with many mind-blowing features starting right from installing it. It comes with a user friendly UI and it allows you to install and uninstall any app on your Android device easily.  Many Android device users opt to root their devices to enjoy their device’s capability to the fullest. And this is where KingRoot boosts the rooting process by providing easy One Click root.

KingRoot can be used both on mobile and PC. And even unlike other rooting application or processes, KingRoot offers the most successful rooting solutions with as many as 100,000+ different models.

So if you are thinking about rooting your new or old android device then here is a short and straightforward tutorial on, how to root your device with KingRoot. But before that let us look into more about KingRoot APK and what makes this application better than other rooting applications.kingroot apk

All About KingRoot APK that You Want to Know:

King Root is a simple application that you can use to root your Android device with any version of Android versions from 2.2 to 6.1 (until now). The KingRoot APK offer a One Click rooting process and many unique features like:

  • The KingRoot is a smart rooting application which requires an internet connection to spec out the perfect rooting strategy for different devices.
  • After your Android device has been successfully rooted, you will be able to find a Purify App that helps you enjoy many features. Few of these amazing features are like, removing pre-installed applications, clearing cache data without rebooting, advanced battery saver option (that works) and even allows you to control over blocking auto starting applications.
  • And the ONE TAP ROOT option which can turn your device running on Android 2.2 to Android 6.1 with just one click of a button. 

Note that the device that you are about to root shouldn’t have a locked bootloader. And in case the device has one, you will first need to remove it before you move ahead to root your device with KingRoot APK.

Other than these features of rooting with KingRoot, rooting your device itself provides with many features which are mentioned below.

Benefits of Rooting with KingRoot APK:

Speed Up Your Device:

The first thing that you will be able to notice after rooting your device is its speed. Rooting a device unchains the full extent of the power to performance ratio of the device. You will also have administrator right on your device, which will offer you with improved customization & functionality as you prefer. You can even further increase the performance by moving apps from phone to SD card which has become common nowadays.

Boosts Battery Performance:

Many factors determine the battery backup of your device. This can start from the overall applications running in the background to how frequently you use the most battery consuming apps in a day.

KingRoot with the help of Purify app which you will get by default will prevent an application from auto starting according to your preference. You can also set your preference to which application should be stopped automatically after a period of time.

Remove Bloatware:

You can also remove bloat ware from the rooted device as they are also responsible for draining an enormous amount of battery juice. There is also a few bloatware that users don’t even tend to use, but they keep on consuming precious space. So now Rooting with KingRoot apk help you to remove all the bloatware you think you don’t need. You can use lucky patcher to remove bloatware from your Android phone after rooting it.

Removing Annoying Ads:

Browsing using a 3rd party application, opening a free game and many more apps now comes with Ads. Although ads support the developers, but many users feel annoyed due to these ads. So if you are also annoyed of these ads, rooting can be the best solution for you.

And to further boost the ad blocking effect, you can use a premium ad blocker that you can get for free after rooting.

Free Paid Apps:

Now you can use premium paid apps for free which are available on many 3rd party app store which works only on rooted devices. So get the best out of any application by simply download the paid version for free.


Well, customize till your heart is satisfied. Rooting your device with KingRoot APK allows you to customize your device as much as you need. You can make your device UI look the way you want and also customize the icons, interface, startup logo and much more as you want.


You can back up all the data you want starting right from stored data to every single individual app data if you wish to switch to a newer android version.

So with all these features at hand, you might now want to root your device. So here are the steps that you need to follow to root your android device with KingRoot APK.

Steps to Root Your Android Device With KingRoot APK:

Rooting your android device with KingRoot is really easy, so here are the simple steps that you need to follow to root with KingRoot APK. Download the KingRoot APK file from the official site and follow the steps given below:

Step 1: First you will need to provide Unknown Source access to KingRoot. To do that simply Go to Setting> Security>Device> Administration> Unknown Source. Now tap on to enable it.

Step 2:  Next, transfer the downloaded KingRoot APK file to your device or directly download KingRoot Apk from below button. Install it by simply browsing through the file manager and clicking on the APK file.

Download KingRoot Apk

Step 3: After the installation is over, Tap on the KingRoot Icon on the icon to launch it. 

Step 4: Simply click on “ROOT” to start the rooting process. The rooting process should take about a minute or two.

Step5: After you see a notification of “Root Successfully” simply restart your device to complete the rooting process.

And this is it; this is how easy it is to root your device with KingRoot Apk. Now enjoy rooting your device in the safest way possible. Hope this was helpful and you can now easily root the device you want with KingRoot apk.